Room Heating Series: All You Need to Know About Oil Filled Radiators

Winter is coming! Now is the perfect time to dry-clean all the comforters and blankets, dust up the room heaters and prepare for the approaching season change. Needless to say, room heating is an important aspect that requires attention as soon as the mercury begins to drop. While markets are flooded with choices, it is imperative to buy the right heating device based on your bespoke needs to stay warm and comfortable all through the season. We bring you a series of articles to introduce you to all kinds of room heaters. These will help you choose the right one for your home or office space and get the maximum bang for your money.

Let’s begin the series with sleek, stylish and high-performance oil filled radiators (OFRs).

What is an Oil Filled Radiator?

An oil filled radiator, more commonly known by its abbreviated name OFR, is a convection heater used for heating up small indoor spaces. This room heater is filed with oil, which is electrically heated. OFRs do not involve burning oil. They only use oil as a heat reservoir.

OFRs are also known as oil heaters, oil-filled heaters and column heaters.

What Do OFRs Look Like?

Oil filled radiators comprise a number of thin metal columns, known as fins. The front panels of OFRs have the power (On/Off), knob to set heating positions and other thermostatic controls. The heating element is located at the base of the heater. Usually the devices rest on castor wheels, which make them easy to move from one place to another. There is a power cord as well as the facility to wind it up and store it out of the way.

How Does an OFR Work?

The thin metal fins of an OFR have cavities that are filled with silicone oil. The heating element heats up this oil, which in turn stays hot for a long time. This oil flows around the metal column cavities, transferring the heat to the walls of the fins through convection and then to the surrounding areas of the room through convection and radiation.

Do note that this heated oil has very high boiling point (so it stays in liquid state) and high specific heat capacity (so it can store a large amount of thermal energy in a relatively smaller volume)!

Are OFRs Efficient?

OFRs are best-suited for bedrooms and small-to-medium sized enclosed spaces. They come with thermostats that prevent inefficient heating. This means, if your room is already warm, you can choose how much warmer you would like it to get. So the heating would be more efficient and customized to your needs. This feature also makes oil filled radiators more economical to run as compared to other kinds of room heaters.

The power consumption of oil heaters typically falls between 2000 – 2500 Watts. Their power rating is directly proportional to the number of columns (fins) and their length. The wattage determines their operating cost; more wattage equals lesser cost while a lower wattage involves higher cost. Therefore, a 1000 Watts heater will take half the time to reach a desired thermostat setting as compared to a 500 Watts heater.

Some oil heaters come with a fan. This increases the air flow over the heater. As more and more colder air from the room comes into contact with the heater, there is a significant improvement in the rate of heat flow from the heater into the room. This rate of heat flow is even higher when the temperature difference between room air and heater is more.

Are OFRs Safe to Use?

Oil filled radiators are relatively safe to use, especially when compared to fan heaters. They also come equipped with a host of safety features that offer additional peace of mind. For instance, there is overheat protection as well as tip-over switch that cuts off the power when the appliance is tilted or knocked over. Both of these features eliminate the risk of fire or other electrical mishaps.

Do remember that OFRs should not be kept in damp areas such as laundry rooms or bathrooms. The moisture and humidity present in these areas may damage the heating element or reduce its efficiency.

Also, you should never attempt to dry clothes on an OFR or keep flammable materials such as clothing, bedding or plastic toys near the devices they can easily catch fire.


OFRs may be slightly expensive when compared to other kinds of room heaters, but they are matchless in terms of aesthetics, performance and longevity. This makes them a popular choice in modern homes looking for sleek and stylish room heating solutions.

Looking to buy an oil-filled radiator? Usha’s OFRs with a choice of 9, 11 and 13 fins, are the new benchmark in heating efficiency. They use world-class oil grade and ensure faster heating while retaining the humidity levels in a room for a natural and healthy environment around you and your loved ones.

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Kitchen Vastushastra Explained

The USHA Kitchen

The USHA Kitchen

Lately there has been a resurgence in ancient Indian philosophy from a very scientific point of view. Take for instance the myth of Dashaavatar where the 10 incarnations of Lord Vishnu can be viewed within an evolution perspective, as Homo Sapiens moved from Matsya (the fish), Kurma (the amphibious tortoise), through Narshima (half man-half beast),  Rama (the ideal Man) and finally to Kalki (the destroyer of beings – resembling Darwin’s struggle for ‘survival of the fittest’). Similarly Vastushastra or the ancient Hindu doctrine of temple architecture is today being used more and more to plan out living spaces. A huge treatise in itself, of which we will only discuss the kitchen in this post. However, even as we take our first baby steps into the world of Kitchen Vastushastra let me warn you that things have changed – people live differently today. And with new lifestyles old ways innovate with style. So switch on to a New Life With USHA. 

USHA COOKTOPS: Vastu dictates the cooking stove to be at South-East

USHA COOKTOPS: Vastu dictates the cooking stove to be at South-East

Let’s begin with the most basic kitchen appliance, the Cooking Stove / Cooktop. Vastu dictates that it should be at the South-East and shouldn’t be too close to the wall. The former is simple space logic, having a stove at the South-East allows people to store both kitchen utensils and grocery/ingredients along the South and West for easy access. As the ancient laws also dictate that storage units for essential commodities like grains, pulses spices and other non-perishable commodities should be stocked along the South or the West direction. Regions where sunlight wasn’t really necessary – as most ancient kitchens windows were in the East, giving the previous farming communities early access to sunlight.

USHA HOODS, enable you to place your cooktop at any distance from the walls

USHA HOODS, enable you to place your cooktop at any distance from the walls

As for the latter reason of avoiding stoves too close to the walls was because during those days most homes were built with combustible materials; and people were just being cautious.However, today with the emergence of Hoods and new building materials this rule has almost become redundant in most urban homes.

USHA WATER DISPENSER: Store water towards the North East

USHA WATER DISPENSER: Store water towards the North East

The ancient Treatise also instructed people to build their kitchen sinks and store their Drinking water towards the North-East of the Kitchen, this was to ensure that the early morning rays killed the germs thereby keeping the water purified. Similarly fruits and other perishable materials were stored by the water for the very same reasons, which today could be replaced as a place for our Juicers.

USHA JUICERS: Keeping fruits by the window if not inside a Fridge makes sense

USHA JUICERS: Keeping fruits by the window if not inside a Fridge makes sense

Other Cooking Utensils were to be stored next to or near the cooking stove for convenience, in ancient times it could have meant pots and pans, as they were frequently used. For us it would mean our Ovens and Fryers, which would help us to keep a lookout on things – if we happen to be cooking more than a single dish at a time using various different appliances.

USHA FRYER: Appliances located close will help you watch-over your dishes

USHA FRYER: Appliances located close will help you watch-over your dishes

That’s some science titbits behind the glorious art of Vastu, but as we had mentioned earlier, times have changed and with our modern USHA appliances you can place anything, anywhere as you like; as long as you add logic and a little style to it.



Thinking of rearranging your kitchen? Go ahead and Play with USHA kitchen appliances – Jaw-dropping both in style and the delicious recipes they can cook up.

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Creative Branding: Cool it Raphael!

Ask a room full of people to name top three classical painters that immediately come to their mind? Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo and Raphael, are the most likely ones to figure. So, was this all our Marketing Research behind naming our groundbreaking acrylic series of colorfully glossy fans – Raphael? The answer o’course is no, if it were, we would have named it the thrilling Da Vinci or the pleasing Mona Lisa.

The Raphael Series

The USHA Raphael Series

When we dreamed of the Raphael series, we inspired to create art – a fan that would be glamorous enough for the Renaissance and yet be equipped with the latest technology that would make the Renaissance look cool and comfortable! The Sistine Chapel, thus was out of the question with all due respect, so was the Medici household. And thus we settled on the gorgeous Farnesina Villa, (then owned by the Chigi Banking Family). In two words the interiors of the Villa are ‘glamours and classical’. We could add a hundred more adjectives to it, but to cut it short -this was the place our fan perfectly fit in, adding both glamour and style. Incidentally the interiors were painted by who else but Raphael and hence the name.

Villa Farnesina

Villa Farnesina

But the story doesn’t end there, Raphael’s most famous painting in the Villa is the Galatea – a painting so remarkable for its time, that many consider it to be the beginning of baroque, the very genre our gloss finished fan was inspired from. Well, that was the story behind the name (Please don’t ask ‘What’s in a name?’ that line has simply been overused a little too much).

Galatea & Raphael Fan Detail

Galatea & Raphael Fan Detail

For us the Raphael Fan was a first of its kind with its: Hourglass inspired exquisite canopy design, Sparkling colours and its uniquely designed parallel blades that enabled high air displacement. And again coincidentally for ancient Rome the waters depicted in the Galatea painting was the inspiration behind most of the first Roman fountains you see today. The waters from these fountains made ancient Rome cool, their aesthetic appeal still manages to make a Roman Holiday cooler; and as for the USHA Raphael Fans they will always keep you glamorously happy – switched on, soothingly cool and switched off, stylishly cooler!

Trevi Fountaib

Trevi Fountain

We just hope that our homage to dear old Raphael doesn’t make him spin in his grave! Or do we? For these hi-tech fans can spin glamour into the simplest of rooms. But we are sure Raphael the eccentric he was, would be loving it. For flaunting was second nature to him, just like the USHA Raphael Series, would be to you.

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Melon Juice: The Fountain of Youth

Why can’t Melons get married? Because they can’t-elope!

Musk Melon or Kharbuja, is popularly known as Cantaloupe in the Western world; ever since their seeds from the East were first planted at the Papal Gardens in the Italian city of Cantalupo during the 16th century. Jokes apart and history aside, if you are trying to lose weight than the Cantaloupe is a must for your menu!

For the health conscious a daily glass of Musk Melon juice is great for the body and eyesight. But best of all it helps you to fight aging with its high content of Vitamin C, which drives away free radicals and barbarian viruses responsible for damaging your cells. Ergo, you have found your own private Fountain of Youth in the USHA Juicer!

So here is the secret recipe:

Untitled-1 copyIngredients

  1. 1 Musk Melon
  2. Sugar as per required (brown sugar is a great option as it would deepen the colour and give a caramelized flavor to the juice, using honey would make it more healthier)

Method – Preparation in 5 minutes.

  • Rinse the Musk Melon in water.
  • Then slice them into long pieces.
  • Remove the peel and separate it from the flesh and remove seeds.
  • Add musk melon to your juicer / juicer mixer grinder with sugar and ice cubes.
  • Enjoy refreshing juice. Enjoy life!

Before we sign off here is another piece of advice: Always buy evenly shaped melons, which do not bear any cuts and bruises; and select the heavy ones, they make the best juices.

The USHA Fountain of Youth

The USHA Fountain of Youth

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Sips of Wisdom

badge-clock copy“Honestly, if you’re given the choice between Armageddon or tea, you don’t say ‘what kind of tea?” – Neil Gaiman.

Enough has been written about this magical concoction of leaves and boiling water, and more cups have been drained with relish day after day as centuries came and went, and as they will come and go. What is it all about, one might wonder? And one might wonder what will it be like to sip a cup with Mad Hatter? Lots of mad talk with method one might presume, but remember that truth does set you free in the end but first it will drive you mad. So here is Hatter over tea with a little bit of tea trivia and a little bit of outrageous tea trivia.

Long before the commercial production of tea started in India in the late 1830s, tea plants were growing wild in the jungles in northeastern Assam, in India; and without o’course the factories, machines and what-not, the locals just used their hands (they still do) and bullocks (they no longer do) to create the first brews! On a different note, did you know that long long back the Assamese at times ploughed their land using Rhinos! Figure that.

Tea Plantation, Processing Plant, Bunglow and Horse Carriage - Sibsagar, Assam c1880's

Tea Plantation, Processing Plant, Bunglow and Horse Carriage – Sibsagar, Assam c1880’s

Darjeeling Tea is the champagne of teas! In the 1960’s two fellows Bernd Wulf and Ranabir Sen began to modify the processing of the various tea leaves in the beautiful hills that stretched below the snow-capped Himalayas. The result was the more complex aromas and oolong-like subtleties we find in many Darjeeling Teas today.However, beware for every 400 tons of tea sold under the name of the Hill Town every year, only 100 tons actually comes from Darjeeling! 

Varieties of Darjeeling Tea

Varieties of Darjeeling Tea

Tea from the southern Nilgiri hills of the blue mountains make great iced tea due to their liveliness and clarity! Besides it is really good for health: It reduces risk of heart attack and strokes, protects your bones, and bolsters your immune system too; besides bringing that smile to our faces every morning and sometimes at night too. Night? Well, here is how to have tea as a party drink: Mix gin and cold tea, flavor with little lemon rind, and you’ll get a great summer cocktail.

Dawn over the Nilgiri Tea Gardens

Dawn over the Nilgiri Tea Gardens

And to keep this glorious tradition on over all the mediocrity that time tends to throw at us, add a little style to your tea drinking style, perhaps you could use a Bamboo Kettle! (an homage to China, where tea originated). Try the exquisitely designed Real Bamboo finish Kettle by Usha. It even serves 12 to 14 cups, enough to keep the conversation flowing. So usher in tea with Usha.

Usha Bamboo Kettle

Usha Bamboo Finish Kettle EK 3217B

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Have Visited HAB, Yet?

The HABHere is a little secret for you, there is this amazing place in Mumbai called The HAB and another one at Kochi. Short for Haberdashery store , The HAB is perhaps the best Sewing R&D center in the country. But don’t let the dreaded abbreviation ‘R&D’ intimidate you because Research and Development is just one aspect of it. It was primarily set up by Usha to encourage sewing among people .

projectsDoesn’t matter whether you are a kid or a mother or a grandmother The HAB has tailored (pun intended) course for about everyone. You could start with something as simple as a Bookmark and move up the sewing ladder unto garments and home decor – anything is possible at The HAB. You dream it and we will teach you to weave your dreams into reality.

There are also short activities and workshops catering to various occasions from Father’s Day and Monsoon sessions to the upcoming Raksha Bandhan. An expert will take you step by step through these various workshops and activities, helping you create magic out of fabrics. These workshops can last for anything between 30 mins to 6 hours (spread over days if you want it that way).

And believe us The HAB is as glamorous as Sewing can get with its eloquent ambiance and highly advanced sewing and embroidery machines.

Thinking of picking up a new Hobby? Why not head to The HAB to unleash your creativity, we promise it will be more than worth it. To Check out what people are sewing, stitching  and creating Click Herebag

Address: The HAB, Opp Sahib Khatwara Darbar, Road no. 7, Linking Road, Khar (W)
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Tel: 022 6127 4444

A Change of Air

The Victorians were known for their travels, an endeavor to seek out the world which ultimately resulted with the sun never setting over the British Empire. However, there was another kind of travel recommend by doctors and physicians that involved visiting a sea side resort for a change of air. A prescription so religiously followed that soon the beaches of Bournemouth, Brighton and Blackpool turned into resorts catering to ill-health, perhaps the very first kind of Medical Tourism. However not the Victorians but the Romans need to be credited with the idea that physical and mental ailments can be blown away by a change in breeze and scenery. The reason why we don’t hear much about it in the Roman Chronicles is because people were a little reluctant to stay away from the Capital, where plots and power could change overnight.


The British in their later endeavors to replicate the English Breeze (change of air)  in colonies namely India, went about building hill stations across the Himalayas from Shimla to Darjeeling. These hill stations in all their majestic glory still cater to Indians for a change of air and mood. However today we have become a little like the Romans, given our work schedules we cannot afford to rush off to the hills every time we feel the need for a fresh breeze.

Living congested in our metropolitan cities, entangled in our busy schedules and without any relief from the scorching sun, we have settled for air conditioners and air coolers. However, the former -air conditioners – only ends up making things cold and damp, if a change of air is what you are looking for than the air conditioner is an illusion. Whereas the latter – air coolers – besides being healthy can replicate the sought after ‘change of air’ pretty efficiently. Technologically advanced coolers that use evaporative mechanism to cool air naturally lets out air similar to a breeze flowing across a lake. The breeze lowers the temperature and has a relaxing cooling effect on people. These coolers will turn you into the ideal armchair traveler even while you go about your daily chores.

Usha Air CoolersTo learn more about Evaporative Cooling click here: Evaporative Air Coolers

Ironman: Fashion for Men!

One can’t but feel neglected when it comes to Men’s Fashion when compared to Women’s. Be it on the catwalks or the very many e-commerce and fashion websites. As against the highly imaginative and sometimes ridiculous dresses that female models flaunt on the Catwalk, men have only sported them as accessories to superpowers – Superman’s cape and the traditional circus men’s lower outfit, Batman’s half mask that only reveals his chiseled jaws, Green Lantern’s neon tights and Hulk’s elastic beachwear!

There are three reasons behind this fashion blunder – Fits, Cuts and Creases. Men’s fashion has always been about the former two – fits and cuts. If you get them right either you become the envy of your peers or a multi-millionaire after setting up a Fashion House. That is exactly what Giorgio Armani did in the beginning and an Armani suit is still about fits and cuts. This brings us to the last point – Creases.

No matter what cuts you flaunt or which colour you wear, if you are dressed in creases it is an epic fail. And even the simplest of cuts if worn properly without any creases will propel you to one of those notorious “Best Dressed” Lists. Yes, that’s right to make it in the world of fashion, you need to be Ironman! A well ironed dress is worth a thousand looks with or without superpowers.

The only problem that stands in your way is Time. There is no time before we rush off to work in the morning; no time to iron before we head out to a party. No time after we reach home late due to the blasted traffic. But all you need to counter this menace is a simple Dry Iron! You don’t need fancy gadgets or gizmos and until your Smartphone learns to iron get yourself one of these colorful Irons. They are easy to use, fast and great for quickies and not expensive at all. After a hard day’s work or during a busy morning schedule the Dry Iron will help you get rid of those creases with ease. And it does a real quick job on already ironed clothes making sure that you make a style statement every time you put your favorite shirt on.