How To Make A Simple Frock

Fashion trends come and go but the little Girl’s Frock stays on, ever since its inception in the 12th century it has retained its iconic status against Spring, Fall and other fashion seasons that come and go. Though the original frock has undergone quite a few changes over time, the basic essence of the garment has stayed alive reinventing itself time and again – its latest avatar is cuteness personified. Mothers adore it, while little girls begin their love affair with fashion from their very first frock. So why not make a frock that will turn your daughter into a princess. Great idea? Yeah, let’s frock it!

Materials Required: Frock

  • Cotton Cloth: 1 pc 90 cm with 42 cm width
  • Brown paper: 1 Sheet  36”x46”
  • Satin Ribbon: 1 meter
  • Hooks: 3 pcs
  • Polyester thread matching the fabric colour: 1 Reel

Tools required:

  1. Marking pen
  2. Tailors chalk
  3. Measuring Tape
  4. Foot Scale
  5. French Seam Curve
  6. Scissors
  7. Pins
  8. Iron

Measurements *

Round Neck

Across Shoulder 10 inches
Chest 22 inches
Waist 18 inches
Length of Frock 22 inches
Body Length 10 inches

*Note:The following steps are for making a simple frock. However if one wants to make a frock of different size, the actual measurements can be filled in the following box and the formulas mention in the steps of construction can be used. Pattern making is a onetime exercise for a garment the pattern can be used repeatedly.

As usual with nearly every garment, we will begin with Pattern Making and follow the drafting process by cutting and then sewing.

Pattern Making

Take the piece of Brown paper measuring 36”x 46” size and fold it into half width-wise so that you your folded sheet measures 18”x 46”.
1Then mark a starting point at the corner as shown in the picture below:
2Draft for Armhole Line 

Measure and mark a point at 1/2 of Shoulder length (5 inches in our case) width-wise from the starting point.3

Next mark ¼ of Chest (measurement) less ½ inch (4.75” for us) from the starting point along the length of the fabric
4Draw a box joining the two points as shown below:5

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How To Make A Kurti

ImageSummer is back with a vengeance. There is no relief from the scorching heat even inside, shopping being a far shot. At the same time you have run out of all your cool summer Kurtis either to repetition or the Washing Machine.Besides staying at home is simply boring, there is not much you can do with the frequent power cuts. No shopping, no electricity and no cool Kurtis; life couldn’t have been more mundane.

To beat the heat without going shopping and to keep you indulged, here is a tutorial to make your own Kurti! It’s time to take out your sewing machine and upgrade your sewing skills. The tutorial may look long but it is very easy, just follow the instructions and you will end up with your own masterpiece, which you can flaunt.

Note: The following steps are for making a medium size Kurti. However if you want to make a kurti of different size, the actual measurements can be filled in the following box and the formulas mentioned in the steps below. Also note that Pattern making is a onetime exercise for a garment; the Kurti pattern once created can be used repeatedly.


Square Neck
Across Shoulder 14 inches
Chest 36 inches
Waist 28 inches
Hip 38 inches
Length of Top 25 inches

Materials Required

  1. Cotton Cloth: 1.35 meters with 42 inches width
  2. Brown Paper Sheet

Tools Required

  • Marking Pen
  • Chalk
  • Measuring tape
  • Foot Scale
  • French seam Curve
  • Hip Seam Curve
  • Scissors
  • Pins
  • Electric Iron
  • Polyester thread matching the fabric colour

 Pattern Making

Let us begin by creating a pattern.

Take a sheet of brown paper and cut it into 27 x 39 inches. Now fold the paper into half (width side). This will leave you with a sheet size of 13.5 x 39 inches.


Mark a starting point on the corner as shown below:


Now we will construct the various parts of the Kurti. Let’s begin with a draft for the Arm Hole and Chest Line.

Mark a point equal to half of the shoulder measurement from the starting point: 7 inches in our case  (for other sizes divide your Across Shoulder measurement by half)


Next mark a point at a length of ¼ of Chest measurement minus 1 inch, horizontally from the starting point: 8 inches in this case (for other sizes divide your Chest measurement by 4)


Join both the newly marked points as shown below:

ImageLet us move on and make the Chest line next. Divide your Chest measurements by ¼ and add 1.5 inches to it and make a new line as shown below. In our case this will be 10.5 inches.

ImageNow that you are getting pretty familiar with drafting let us tackle the length and waist lines. We will begin with the former.

Make a point for the full length of the Kurti at 25 inches from the starting point. This again could vary if you are making a bigger or smaller Kurti depending on the Top Length you want.


Next comes the Waist Line: Make another mark for the waist point at 15 inches from the starting point (this is the standard length for waist).


From the just marked waist point draw a waist line. It should measure ¼ of the waist measurement plus 2 inches: 9 inches in our case (divide your waist length by 4 and add 2 inches)


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