USHA Big Fat Goan HAT 2015

11049554_10156103683190251_4279534687597190249_nUSHA INTERNATIONAL sponsored ‘USHA Big Fat Goan HAT 2015’

USHA International, sponsored the ‘USHA Big Fat Goan HAT, the first ever Ultimate Frisbee tournament in Goa. Approved by Goa Tourism, it was a three day tournament slated between November 6th -8th 2015. Tournament started with pool games at Manderem Beach on 6th-7th November and finale was played on 8th November at Miramar beach, Goa.

2Usha Big Fat Goan Hat’15 was a 5 on 5 person game that was played in a beach format with two end zones. There were 100 international and national players and about 7 to 8 under-15 kids were competing in the tournament. Being a HAT tournament, players had registered individually and then grouped into teams. The tournament consisted of 24 teams of 4 to 5 players each. All the competing teams first played 7 Round Robins in pool stages. Further, top 4 teams played in the finals for the winner title of Usha Big Fat Goan HAT 2015.

Usha strongly believes in the brand ethos ‘Play’ and thereby supports and promotes a wide array of sports initiatives across the country which includes the Mawana Marathon, Ultimate Frisbee, Golf (junior and ladies), IPL, cricket for deaf and football.

1Ultimate, a global sport recognized with the international Olympic association, blends perfectly with the Usha brand ethos ‘Play’. Usha has been associated with ultimate for more than four years now.

The new age appliances from the company, like Infiniti Cook Halogen Oven, slow juicers, on the go blenders, air coolers with ionizers and many other appliances also represent Usha’s commitment to promote a fun, active and healthy lifestyle.

Virat Kohli plays Frisbee at the ‘Usha Play’ Zone

Virat Kohli at the Usha Play zoneUsha International, one of the principle sponsors of FC Goa team, setup a special Usha Play zone during the match between FC Goa and Athletico De Kolkata. This zone was set up to provide football fans a lively and interactive experience on how to play with a Frisbee; a sport Usha has been associated for last three years. FC Goa co-owner, Virat Kohli also visited the Usha Play zone to try his hand with the Frisbee along with enthusiastic FC Goa fans.

Usha is proud to be associated with FC Goa and the state’s rich history of football. The strong team bolstered by marquee player Robert Pires and enthusiastic fans was the main reason why Usha opted to sponsor FC Goa

Priyanka Chopra at USHA Play

Priyanka Chopra at USHA Play

Priyanka Chopra at USHA Play

If one were to ask what is common between Priyanka Chopra, Mary Kom and Usha, it would be Sports: The spirit that connects people and inspires them to achieve higher things. No wonder while speaking at the recent Usha Play event she stated that after Mary Kom she has developed a new-found respect for sportspersons.

Usha Play provided a platform to acknowledge sportspersons and a chance to celebrate the success of the movie Mary Kom. It was gateway to a world of sports, other than cricket, where the gorgeous actress felicitated sportspersons from various Usha Initiatives spanning across the fields of Golf, Marathon and Flying Discs.

Usha Chairman Krishna Shriram takes the stage and Plays the Piano

Usha Chairman Krishna Shriram takes the stage and Plays the Piano

The theme of the event ‘Play’ was set even before Priyanka stepped in, with Usha Executive Chairman Mr. Krishna Shriram taking the stage and later playing the Piano immaculately!  The rest of the evening unfolded keeping this tune of Play on a high octave. To put to words the mood of the event in the very words of Mr. Krishna Shriram “We borrow both creativity and energy from sportspersons around us.” He went on to state that as a company Usha supports sports and the idea of ‘Play’ because it is more than just business, as sports connects and inspires.

Priyanka Chopra felicitates various Sporrtsperson

Priyanka Chopra felicitates various Sportspersons

This enthusiasm was shared by Priyanka herself, who once was an avid Frisbee player, as introduced by Mr. Rajesh Tara. The felicitation ceremony began with Priyanka handing the Usha Play Trophy to Amateur Golfer Gauri Monga, followed by Arjuna Awardee Marathon runner Asha Aggarwal.  The Mumbai Frisbee team came next. Both the sportspersons and the team have been part of various Usha Sporting Initiatives.

Priyanka Chopra hailed the power of sports at Usha Play

Priyanka Chopra hailed the power of sports at Usha Play

Speaking on the occasion Priyanka hailed the work done by Indian sportspersons, their inspiration and discipline and the power of sports to transform people, which she recently underwent after her Mary Kom stint. According to her the transformation was not just physical but was also spiritual! She further stated “With the abundance of sporting talent in the country not only girls but all sportspersons need to be supported and encouraged to achieve their best.”

Director Chhaya Shriram handing Priyanka a Habadersery Basket

Director Chhaya Shriram gifts Priyanka a Haberdashery Basket

Later, Director Chhaya Shriram gifted her a wonderful haberdashery basket and an Usha Janome Dream Maker Sewing Machine. Expressing her delight Priyanka said she simply adores both the gifts and her mother would love them too!

Priyanka felicitates various USHA performers

Priyanka felicitates USHA performers

She went on to felicitate three Usha Dealers – Mr. Subhash M. Rathore, Mr. Vimal Jain and Mr. Bharat Dharamshi – for their outstanding performance. And also shared the stage with various TISVA Distributors.

Priyanka Chopra with various TISVA Distributors.

Priyanka Chopra with TISVA Distributors.

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The Spirit of The Game

Broadie-ImageWho is Brodie Smith? No, he is not a Cricketer from Mumbai Indians Team, which also happens to be associated to be USHA. He happens to be the international Ultimate Frisbee legend, who claims “I love throwing the frisbee and playing Ultimate Frisbee,” – a fact evident by his numerous YouTube Videos.

Usha International as part of its Usha Sports Initiatives roped in the Frisbee legend in 2012 to promote the sport in India, during the Usha Ultimate Delhi-ght Frisbee Tournament. For those of you who think Frisbee is just about throwing a Flying Discs around, you couldn’t be more wrong.

The game has its own series of complex rules and terms, among which the one that stands out most is called “The Spirit of The Game.” The rule states that players have to admit their own fouls without any intervention of any Referee. The honesty that brings to the game really makes it more than any other ‘Game of the Gentlemen.’

Besides the usual exercise and workout that any game contributes towards a healthy body and sound mind, an Ultimate Frisbee game does more! To begin with the game ensures a full body workout as all parts of your body are involved whether you are jumping to catch a disc or running around trailing one. And with each throw your hand muscles get the necessary action too.

For this one we are going to go a little medical:  A 30 minutes game of Ultimate Frisbee ensures a healthy dose happy hormones like endorphins to boost your mood. And remember our point on the ‘Spirit of the Game’ rule add that to your happy hormones and you start making friends as the game progresses even with your opponents. Yes, this is social networking on the field. Try it, it is better than Facebook!Untitled-1 copy

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Sports & the Spirit of Rural India

Celebrating The Sporting Spirit of India through Rural Frisbee Workshops

Celebrating The Sporting Spirit of India through Rural Frisbee Workshops

Usha Initiatives believes that the spirit of a game lies in collective and all-inclusive participation, whatever the game may be. A belief that has led USHA Initiatives to take encourage and promote various sports initiatives at the most remote corners of the country.

While travelling abroad immigration officers in Cricket playing countries are likely to ask you who is your favorite Cricket player? Whether it is a trick question to figure out if you really are an Indian or they just making pleasant conversation, is hard to figure out. Yes, we are a Cricket crazy nation, but we do play other games too and with each passing day good things are happening – Hockey and Football leagues, Golf, Boxing, Badminton, Lawn Tennis and other wrestling medals, to state just a few.

A new sport that Usha through its sports initiatives is trying to popularizes since 2012 is Flying Discs or Frisbee, as it is more popularly known (for those who love facts Frisbee is the name of a company that manufactures these discs and not the actual name of the sport). Besides holding major tournaments in the country like the recent Bangalore Ultimate Open, USHA also conducts workshops both in urban and rural areas.

Holding firm to the belief of ‘Sports for all’ Usha conducted a community development and rural outreach Flying Discs workshop in a remote village near Coimbatore last year.  In it 105 children from ten nearby villages were trained by experts during the two day workshop. Among them the experts found fast learners who perhaps if provided with the right opportunity would excel at the sport. Children who had the potential to make a difference both to themselves and the country, not just through Flying Discs but also in other sports – given their enthusiasm, willingness and determination. But what mattered during those few days was the joy of sharing, which brought smiles, giggles, jumps and flying leaps to children who otherwise live overburden lives between dilapidated schools and child labour.

These shouts of joy were almost a call to action for USHA Initiatives, who now plan to hold more such workshops and camps in remote corners of the country and even taking the sport to others SAARC countries beginning with the mountain Kingdom of Bhutan.

UFO Ultimate Genesis

aliens copyFlutterguts, Kan Jam, Hot Box, Schtick, what do you think these names refer to? No they are not the names of Rock Bands but refer to various styles of playing Flying Discs. No longer a minority sport, the game today is popular worldwide, with more and more teams and nations joining the League of the Flying Disc. “It is no longer an alien game,” as said by a former Flying Discs player Komal Mehra. But ever wondered how did it all begin?

The origin of the game dates back to 1870’s and like most things 70 it begins with the young and restless. The story goes that a Baker by the name of William Russell Frisbie used to sell delicious pies to students around the various colleges in Connecticut. Perhaps bored out of their mind or in search of new adventures students began to toss and catch the empty pie tins; shouting the Baker’s name ‘Frisbie’ to alert the catcher. And soon colleges around Connecticut and then America had all sorts of Unidentified Flying Objects zooming across the university grounds. Frisbie had come to stay.

A few decades later in the year of the Lord 1948 a man called Walter Frederick Morrison articulated a grave concern “It (flying pie discs) worked fine as long as the sun was up, but then the thing got brittle, and if you didn’t catch it, it would break into a million pieces!” The thought eventually led him to manufacture the first plastic Flying Discs under the brand name Frisbee. He followed it with a modified version called the Pluto Platter in 1951, which became the prototype for all flying discs to come.

dog-with-frisbeeAs more and more people took to these Flying Discs, the number of styles and types of game increased. Finally, Ultimate Frisbee came into being in 1967, invented by a few high school students in Maplewood, New Jersey. It is the most recognized form of the sport and is a cross between football, soccer and basketball. The Usha Bangalore Ultimate Open 2014 as its name denotes has taken up this Ultimate version to popularize the game in India.

Another curious chapter in the history of the Flying Disc occurred in 1968, when the US Navy spent $400,000 to study the movements of these discs in wind tunnels. Following and recording their flights patterns with computers and cameras. We don’t know what they actually learnt from the exercise, but we are curious to find out.

As of now 24 teams from across India are gathering in Bangalore this weekend 27th-29th June, to test their mettle in a bid to be the best in the nation. Usha Bangalore Ultimate Open will be one of the largest Ultimate Frisbee Championships in India and you can follow all the updates on our Facebook page.