Buying Guide to Ceiling Fans

With India being a tropical country, fans are a must have for every home. Fans make you feel comfortable in a room by circulating air. There are a wide variety of fans to choose from, from simple finishes to decorative, four blades to three blades, high air delivery to low noise. Such multiple choices make it difficult to choose the right fan, so let’s makes your choices simpler: Here are a few quick facts that will help you to choose the right fan.

Why ceiling fans are required?

The primary purpose of a ceiling fan is to provide ventilation and improved air circulation to make you feel cooler by virtue of the velocity of air. It is like the comfort of a breeze in an otherwise warm day.

Being a key part of the room decor, ceiling fans can provide a room not only with a comfortable environment but also with appropriate lighting, a decorative touch and enhanced aesthetics appeal.

How fan makes you feel cool?

A ceiling fan cools a room by creating a “wind chill effect”; and not by lowering the room temperature. “Wind chill effect” makes you feel cooler by accelerating the evaporation of perspiration on your skin. It is the feeling you get when you open the window in a moving car.  An air skin velocity of ~1.5 m/sec makes one feel cooler by over 5 0 C.

If you run a ceiling fan in a room whose temperature is 27 degrees, it will create a “wind chill effect” making you feel as if the temperature is 22 degrees. When used in conjunction with an air conditioner, a ceiling fan can lower energy costs, because you can set the thermostat of your air conditioner at a higher temperature.Fans1

How to determine Ceiling Fan Sweep Size?

You should select a fan based on size of the room. Fan sweep size is measured by taking the width straight across from one blade tip to the other blade tip. A fan larger than necessary is fine as long it has space to rotate properly. A fan smaller than needed does not effectively circulate air.

Room Size Fan Sweep
4m* 5m to 4.5m *4.5 m 1400 mm
3.3m*4m to 3.7m *3.7m 1200 mm
2.7m*3.3m to 3m*3m 1050 mm
2.4m *2.7m to 2.4m *2.4 m 900 mm

Important:-To optimize air delivery, your fan should be approximately 3 meters from the ground and 0.3 meters from the roof.

Calculating distance between two fans.

For Larger rooms with more than one fan, the shaft distance between each fan will depend on the sweep of fan.

Sweep of Fan 36″ 42″ 48″ 56″
Centre of difference 1.8 m  2 m 2.5 m 3 m


 What is a blade pitch in ceiling fan and why is it important?

 Blade pitch is the angle, measured in degrees, between a 180 degree horizontal plane and a ceiling fan’s blade tilt.


Why is it important?

 The angle of the blade makes a difference in how much air a fan is able to circulate throughout a room.

This degree of blade pitch will allow your ceiling fan to move the “just right” amount of air – not too much (you don’t need a wind tunnel in your room), nor too little (you do need to feel a nice breeze).

A good way to understand how blade pitch effects air movement is to equate the blades of the fan to the oars of a rowboat. If you have ever tried to row a boat, you know that if you put the oars in the water virtually flat, it takes very little effort to row; but even if you row very fast, the boat moves very slowly. If, on the other hand, you tilt the oars at a steep angle in the water, it becomes very difficult to row the boat, but each stroke makes substantial progress. You will need to be much stronger and in better shape to sustain a higher rate of speed for any period of time in case of the latter.

This principle applies to airflow of ceiling fans as well. Air delivery of a ceiling fan is the result of the aerodynamics of the fan. Its aerodynamic is governed by blade pitch, blade length, and motor characteristics. Hence higher speed /RPM doesn’t necessarily mean higher air delivery. This is a common mistake one does in fan selection by making decisions based on a single parameter like RPM.

That is why leading manufacturer of fans always go through various designing and testing procedure to ensure that blade characteristics and the motor power complement each another.

How important is motor in a ceiling fan?

The motor is the most important component of a ceiling fan. For example, motors with higher power capability can be matched with high pitch aerodynamic blades to deliver high air at lower speed/RPM and hence lower noise. Thus, for a fan to operate efficiently and effectively, the motor’s characteristics must be engineered to match the blades.

Standard ceiling fans have single phase electric motors. These motors are typically of lower efficiency.  With the need to save energy alternate motor technologies are being explored.  The Brushless DC motor is one such technology which is more than twice as efficient.  There are ongoing active developments to make BLDC more cost effective to accelerate its deployment.

Can ceiling fans be used in winter?

It may seem a bit odd to use ceiling fans in winter, but modern age fans are built for year-round use, saving your money on both heating and cooling costs. This can be achieved by changing the direction of the ceiling fan’s rotation (clockwise or anti-clockwise). Depending on the model, the ceiling fan’s direction can be changed through the reverse switch on the fan’s motor or via a remote control.


Ceiling Fan Direction in Summer: Anti-Clockwise

During summers, run your fan’s blades anti-clockwise to blow air downward and create a cooling breeze so you can set your thermostat at a higher setting and still feel cool while saving money on air conditioning costs.

Ceiling Fan Direction in Winter: Clockwise

During winters, ceiling fans can help heating systems to operate more efficiently. Reverse the direction of the blades and set the fan at a low speed. The fan’s gentle upward draft will force any warm air concentrated near the ceiling to circulate down and around the living space.

The modern age fans are manufactured based on lifestyle needs where in a ceiling fan not only acts as device to make you feel cooler but also adds aesthetic appeal to your room.

Play Barbie with USHA

Usha Barbie leaflet-01Once upon a time a mother spied her daughter playing with dolls, like all little girls do. Caught in the moment she watched her daughter’s little games with delight. Mid-way between the games, she was quite taken back –rather pleasantly surprised, when she realized that her daughter had given adult roles to the little baby dolls. The mother also noticed that the clothing of the paper dolls kept coming off. Her daughter’s game was all but getting ruined with unrealistic and poor quality dolls. I must get her some nice grown-up-looking dolls, the mother thought to herself. But she couldn’t find any in the market, the next day. The shopkeepers simply didn’t have any nice grown-up dolls, so she went to her husband who owned a start-up toy manufacturing business. And the rest, as often said, is history.

The mother’s name was Ruth Handler, her daughter was called Barbara after whom ‘Barbie’ was named. As for father Elliot, he is the ‘el’ in ‘Mattel’ the brand which continues to make Barbie dolls till date. If this story tells us anything it is that children do think like adults with a little bit of ‘fairy tale’ mixed in. And adults by borrowing this glitter of fairy dust often can accomplish the unimaginable. With this very spirit Usha went about creating its Barbie Fans, sprinkling a little fairy dust to bring comfort and joy.

Usha has come up with two marvelous Barbie fans namely Everyday Barbie and Glam Barbie. The Glam Barbie fan depicts Barbie all dressed up doing what she does best. As for Everyday Barbie, well Barbie looks good every day, come rain or shine, just like the durability of both the fans. These innovative and fun fans come equipped with heat-transfer technology for scratch-resistant finish – with the added bonus of whisper quiet operation, longer durability and efficient air delivery across the room.

Designed to enhance the décor of children’s bedrooms, these fans add a touch of magic to the ‘growing-up’ years for kids between 3 to 14 years. But then again Barbie being a celebration of youth and her merchandise being somewhat of collectibles, you can keep them spinning anywhere.

Creative Branding: Cool it Raphael!

Ask a room full of people to name top three classical painters that immediately come to their mind? Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo and Raphael, are the most likely ones to figure. So, was this all our Marketing Research behind naming our groundbreaking acrylic series of colorfully glossy fans – Raphael? The answer o’course is no, if it were, we would have named it the thrilling Da Vinci or the pleasing Mona Lisa.

The Raphael Series

The USHA Raphael Series

When we dreamed of the Raphael series, we inspired to create art – a fan that would be glamorous enough for the Renaissance and yet be equipped with the latest technology that would make the Renaissance look cool and comfortable! The Sistine Chapel, thus was out of the question with all due respect, so was the Medici household. And thus we settled on the gorgeous Farnesina Villa, (then owned by the Chigi Banking Family). In two words the interiors of the Villa are ‘glamours and classical’. We could add a hundred more adjectives to it, but to cut it short -this was the place our fan perfectly fit in, adding both glamour and style. Incidentally the interiors were painted by who else but Raphael and hence the name.

Villa Farnesina

Villa Farnesina

But the story doesn’t end there, Raphael’s most famous painting in the Villa is the Galatea – a painting so remarkable for its time, that many consider it to be the beginning of baroque, the very genre our gloss finished fan was inspired from. Well, that was the story behind the name (Please don’t ask ‘What’s in a name?’ that line has simply been overused a little too much).

Galatea & Raphael Fan Detail

Galatea & Raphael Fan Detail

For us the Raphael Fan was a first of its kind with its: Hourglass inspired exquisite canopy design, Sparkling colours and its uniquely designed parallel blades that enabled high air displacement. And again coincidentally for ancient Rome the waters depicted in the Galatea painting was the inspiration behind most of the first Roman fountains you see today. The waters from these fountains made ancient Rome cool, their aesthetic appeal still manages to make a Roman Holiday cooler; and as for the USHA Raphael Fans they will always keep you glamorously happy – switched on, soothingly cool and switched off, stylishly cooler!

Trevi Fountaib

Trevi Fountain

We just hope that our homage to dear old Raphael doesn’t make him spin in his grave! Or do we? For these hi-tech fans can spin glamour into the simplest of rooms. But we are sure Raphael the eccentric he was, would be loving it. For flaunting was second nature to him, just like the USHA Raphael Series, would be to you.

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Inspired by Vroooom!

Quite a few products have been inspired by things that go vrooom or to use the more common terminology – Automobiles. Even our cities with their roads and highways are built around them. Of these many inspirations three products that stands out due to their immaculate replication are the wrist watch, furniture and fans!

Pairing watches with engineering marvels go a long way back – the very first wrist watch the Cartier Santos was created for a Millionaire Aviator friend of Cartier so that the Brazilian tycoon could keep track of time while flying (but that’s another story),it was followed by the Cartier Tank, which in turn was inspired by what else but Battle Tanks! Besides being associated with the world of F1 racing and other automobile sports (Tag Heuer, Breitling, IWC, etc) watches have mostly taken inspiration from auto engines (Parmigiani and Bentley, Hublot and Ferrari) designs (Porsche Design, Tudor and Ferrari) and even the Race Track (Chopard)!

Hublot And Ferrari

Hublot And Ferrari

Similarly cars have also inspired a range of furniture and interior decor collections. Brands like Lamborghini, Mercedes and Bentley have their own range of furniture inspired by both the interiors and exteriors of their respective cars. The furniture range that stands out among these auto brands is Aston Martin. One look at the featured tables, chairs and lounges and you will know why, as it replicates the Aston Martin’s front shark grill look flawlessly.

Aston Martin Furniture

Aston Martin Furniture

Another brand that has brought the car into the Living Room happens to be Usha, with their E-Series range of ceiling fans, inspired from the auto world. Both the concept of the E-Series along with its painting process are a technological revolution. Unlike the high-end luxury watches and furniture which sport a huge price tag, with the E-Series Usha brings affordable luxury to every home. The automotive inspired finishes for all colours of EX1 and EX3 fans, with their silky smooth finish sparkled by pure aluminum glitters that make these fans eye catching, is nothing short of craftsmanship at its best.

Usha E-Series

Usha E-Series

Inspired by fuel efficient fast cars the flying machine is equipped to consume low electricity with maximum acceleration – racing from 0 to 330 RPM in a matter of seconds. Whereas its in-built precision gear ensures maximum air coverage with a 235 CMM. Add to that the model’s sleek aerodynamics featuring a 1200 mm wing span to whip up a storm! To know more about the E-Series Click Here