How To Choose Water Heater Capacity

Given India’s geographical diversity and the natural change of seasons, the need for warm water is quite intrinsic. A water heater or geyser thus is a common household fixture found across the length and breadth of our country. But how big or small a water heater should you get – now that decision requires some serious thinking through! Let’s take a look at 3 important factors that determine the size of water heater to buy:

  1. Place of Installation

Different locations require different capacities of water heaters. For example, in kitchens, hot water requirement is minimal (perhaps, only to wash utensils). Therefore a small capacity water heater (around 1L – 3L) serves the purpose adequately. If you take a bucket shower, a 10L-15L storage water heater will serve your purpose; for an overhead shower, you should go for a slightly higher water heater capacity of 25L. However, if you love taking long, luxurious dips in a bath tub, a larger capacity of 35L – 50L geyser is what you need.

  1. Kind of Climate

Colder climates have lower ambient temperatures. In such climes, the heating element of a geyser takes longer to heat the water to a desired temperature. A large capacity storage water heater (about 10L – 35L) can heat up and store larger quantities of water and help to maintain a steady supply of the same over a longer duration of time (ideal for rushed mornings!) For places with relatively warmer climate, an1L-3L instant water heater will suffice.

  1. Number of People Using Hot Water

The capacity of a water heater is dependent on family size (obviously!). For larger families with more members requiring hot water within a defined period of time, large capacity water geysers are imperative. Fewer people require lesser hot water for their use and can do with a small size geyser.

The following chart will come handy when you decide to buy a water heater:

No. of Persons Recommended Water Heater Capacity
1 – 2 6 Litres – 10 Litres
3 – 4 15 Litres – 25 Litres
5 – 8 35 Litres – 50 Litres

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