Digitizer Junior: Where The Magic Happens

12650996_1672980302976953_8194313700030895085_nDigitizer Junior is a simple user-friendly software to design embroidery. It is the ideal place to begin your embroidery adventure!

The program automatically converts images of objects to embroidery patterns. It has also built-in fonts to create the texts and monograms. The software can also serve as a converter of embroidery patterns from different formats to .jef suited for USHA Janome Machines.

 Few of Important functions which you can do with Usha Janome Digitizer to enhance your embroidery:
– Converting embroidery formats stored in emd, pes, pec, hus, vip, VP3, PCs, xxx, dst, jmt into embroidery patterns supported by JANOME machines
– 16 built-in fonts to create the texts and monograms to unleash your creativity (full edition of size, angle of depression, letters’ width, etc.) 
– 3D preview which helps in visualising the actual appearance of embroidery displayed on the selected hoop
– Simulation of embroidery on the computer screen 
– Choice of 12 different possible embroidery stitches(satin stitch with the regulation of its density and width, 5 weaving stitches with the regulation of theirs density, stitches length and angle of depression, 5 decorative stitches – also with full adjustment)
– Freedom of choosing the order of embroidery (which color will be embroidered as first, which as second)
– Rotation, resize, mirror reflections and editing of the built-in embroidery patterns
– Program saves the embroidery patterns in format .jef (suited for embroidery on JANOME machines) 
– UNDO/REDO functions
– Fabric choice on which the embroidery pattern will be embroidered (automatic compensation – program adds stitches to the fabric that are stretchy – so that the embroidery pattern is not deformed after embroidery) 
– Possibility of extending program Junior to the full version Digitizer MBX