Play Barbie with USHA

Usha Barbie leaflet-01Once upon a time a mother spied her daughter playing with dolls, like all little girls do. Caught in the moment she watched her daughter’s little games with delight. Mid-way between the games, she was quite taken back –rather pleasantly surprised, when she realized that her daughter had given adult roles to the little baby dolls. The mother also noticed that the clothing of the paper dolls kept coming off. Her daughter’s game was all but getting ruined with unrealistic and poor quality dolls. I must get her some nice grown-up-looking dolls, the mother thought to herself. But she couldn’t find any in the market, the next day. The shopkeepers simply didn’t have any nice grown-up dolls, so she went to her husband who owned a start-up toy manufacturing business. And the rest, as often said, is history.

The mother’s name was Ruth Handler, her daughter was called Barbara after whom ‘Barbie’ was named. As for father Elliot, he is the ‘el’ in ‘Mattel’ the brand which continues to make Barbie dolls till date. If this story tells us anything it is that children do think like adults with a little bit of ‘fairy tale’ mixed in. And adults by borrowing this glitter of fairy dust often can accomplish the unimaginable. With this very spirit Usha went about creating its Barbie Fans, sprinkling a little fairy dust to bring comfort and joy.

Usha has come up with two marvelous Barbie fans namely Everyday Barbie and Glam Barbie. The Glam Barbie fan depicts Barbie all dressed up doing what she does best. As for Everyday Barbie, well Barbie looks good every day, come rain or shine, just like the durability of both the fans. These innovative and fun fans come equipped with heat-transfer technology for scratch-resistant finish – with the added bonus of whisper quiet operation, longer durability and efficient air delivery across the room.

Designed to enhance the décor of children’s bedrooms, these fans add a touch of magic to the ‘growing-up’ years for kids between 3 to 14 years. But then again Barbie being a celebration of youth and her merchandise being somewhat of collectibles, you can keep them spinning anywhere.

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