The Spirit of The Game

Broadie-ImageWho is Brodie Smith? No, he is not a Cricketer from Mumbai Indians Team, which also happens to be associated to be USHA. He happens to be the international Ultimate Frisbee legend, who claims “I love throwing the frisbee and playing Ultimate Frisbee,” – a fact evident by his numerous YouTube Videos.

Usha International as part of its Usha Sports Initiatives roped in the Frisbee legend in 2012 to promote the sport in India, during the Usha Ultimate Delhi-ght Frisbee Tournament. For those of you who think Frisbee is just about throwing a Flying Discs around, you couldn’t be more wrong.

The game has its own series of complex rules and terms, among which the one that stands out most is called “The Spirit of The Game.” The rule states that players have to admit their own fouls without any intervention of any Referee. The honesty that brings to the game really makes it more than any other ‘Game of the Gentlemen.’

Besides the usual exercise and workout that any game contributes towards a healthy body and sound mind, an Ultimate Frisbee game does more! To begin with the game ensures a full body workout as all parts of your body are involved whether you are jumping to catch a disc or running around trailing one. And with each throw your hand muscles get the necessary action too.

For this one we are going to go a little medical:  A 30 minutes game of Ultimate Frisbee ensures a healthy dose happy hormones like endorphins to boost your mood. And remember our point on the ‘Spirit of the Game’ rule add that to your happy hormones and you start making friends as the game progresses even with your opponents. Yes, this is social networking on the field. Try it, it is better than Facebook!Untitled-1 copy

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