8 Reasons to Watch Mary Kom

Here are 10 good, solid, hard hitting reasons why you should cancel all your previous plans and hit the theaters in swarms to watch Mary Kom:Mary Kom

1. Get to know the real story of Mary Kom. A recent survey revealed only a very few Indians know who she really is. This is your chance to get to know the real Mary Kom, and thereby also pay homage to other such unacknowledged sportsperson of India

2. Watch it for Priyanka Chopra’s performance in Mary Kom. Well, Priyanka Chopra is Mary Kom. Period. Her acting is so convincing that you forget you are watching Priyanka Chopra, it is all Mary Kom. If there was an Olympic Medal for acting, she would have got it with her knockout performance. If you like to watch movies depending on their ratings and critical reviews, well this one is a 5 star winner. Just Google it, we are not kidding.

3. The story is real. The story is gritty. The story has everything from romance to action, all acted out with the never say die spirit. And it will take you in from the very beginning and will only leave you long after you have walked out of the theater, or perhaps never. Even the songs are not just great but they blend in perfectly without jarring you out of the story. The songs serve more than their purpose for once in a Bollywood movie.

Mary Kom

4. Every time a Bollywood Actor, perhaps after a thousand push-ups and bench-presses reveals his six pack, all of us go gaga. Well, Priyanka has done better, getting six-packs is one thing, but getting a Boxer’s body (which sadly even some professional boxers lack) with two years of intense training is a thing that deserves a standing ovation.

5. It is not just Priyanka, who acts great, other cast members and supporting actors have done a great job too, from Sunil Thapa to Darshan Kumar – who play her trainer and husband respectively.

7. It is a tribute to all women who have fought against all odds, like the many women who have been empowered through Usha Silai Schools and sports initiatives.

8. The Boxing is as real as it gets. Those moments in the ring are for real with actual Boxers, cuts and bruises and not make-up and CGI effects. Once Mary Kom joked that her favorite movies are Rocky part 1 to 100! No matter how many Rocky’s come and go, there will be only one Mary Kom! So go watch it.


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