Mary Come!

1For once a lot more went on behind the scenes of the upcoming movie Mary Kom, than the normal diet of SloMo and CGIs that we have got used to. It is real and it is gritty to begin with, no wonder we all are waiting with abated breath for the movie to release on September 5. Oh Mary Come! Come soon.

For instance Priyanka Chopra underwent two years of training to get in shape as a boxer and the bruises you see on her face are as real as they get. Since, she fought real boxers and not actors or stunt artists. Further when Priyanka visited Manipur to meet the legendary boxer she got a few parenting lessons too! How do you handle two kids and a family in between rigorous training?

Priyanka Chopra, Mary Kom, Sanjay Leela Bhansali & Omung Kumar

Priyanka Chopra, Mary Kom, Sanjay Leela Bhansali & Omung Kumar

A lot of people think that fame approached Mary Kom after she won the Olympic medal, which is not exactly true, because the director of the movie Omung Kumar visited Mary Kom in Imphal at her place before the 2012 Olympic Bronze! Her story was inspiring enough even then to make a movie on, the London Bronze just added a greater sheen to all of it.

2 Mary Kom and PCSpeaking about Priyanka as Mary Kom in the movie she stated that the actor’s body was structured much like of a boxer and that she was the one and only perfect choice. Add to that Priyanka’s vigorous training and whole of Bollywood got talking about the new look even before the first stills of the movie were officially released.

For instance Madhur Bhandarkar, tweeted: “Hard-hitting, passionate poster of Mary Kom! The versatile @priyankachopra in a never-before-seen avatar! Looking forward to this Jalwaa!” And so did her contemporaries from Dia Mirza to Bipasha Basu; this is what Preity Zinta had to say about Priyanka’s looks: “PC loved the new poster of #MaryKom. So proud of you! Hard works always pays. Looking forward to seeing it soon.”

As for the actress herself she admits that this was the hardest role she has ever played.

The director Omung Kumar was looking for a larger-than-life character for his debutant film after working with the colourful Snajay Leela Bhansali in many of the latter’s movie. And in Mary Kom, Omung did not only find a character that surpassed his expectations but to quote his words his “Mother India”

USHAGoing beyond the biopic there are many “Mother India’s’ not the larger than life kind, but poor marginalized women who USHA Initiatives is trying to reach out to through their many Silai Schools. These women too, remember posses a Ziddi Dil with which they struggle everyday to survive. Perhaps somebody will discover their story someday and adapt it not just to entertain us but also to acknowledge them for their struggle against all odds.

But for now we all wait anxiously counting days, minutes and seconds to see all the hard work unfold seamlessly on the Silver screen. Are you with us?

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