Usha Golfing Initiatives: A Well Laid Course

Ace Golfer Sharmila Nicollet

Ace Golfer Sharmila Nicollet

Google Sharmila Nicollet, and you will be flooded with ace and glamorous golf articles. Well, that’s Google for you. But all thanks to Usha Initiatives.

Usha Initiatives women’s empowerment programmes are not just restricted to just remote and rural corners of the country but go on to include urban areas too, through various sports initiatives. There is a need to uplift women to positions of power and limelight even in urban metros – be they be in the sphere of sports, politics or corporates. Usha Initiatives is aware of this ground reality and realizes that both require two different approaches; If Usha Silai Schools work well for the rural areas, it is Golf that swings the women empowerment movement in the latter.

Usha International has been a major supporter of Golf in India since 1987. Today Usha is a title sponsor for a majority of the Indian Golf Union (IGU) Amateur Ladies tour. The company recognizes the importance of supporting golf at the junior level and thus has been associated with the Junior Training Programme at the prestigious Delhi Golf Club since 2006.

A  USHA Junior Golf Camp

A USHA Junior Golf Camp

It was in one of these junior camps that the now famous Sharmila Nicollet got her first Golfing lessons. Before moving on to stardom and hobnobbing with the likes of Tiger Woods and the alluring world of star models. The current favourite who is slowly gaining ground hole after hole in Usha Initiatives various Golfing tournaments is Gurbani Singh. Keep a look out for her; we see a great future ahead.

Golf Empowers Women

Golf Empowers Women

Yes, not all who go through Usha’s Golf Camps become ace Golfers, which doesn’t mean that it is not an all-inclusive empowering programme for women. Recent research on corporate architecture indicates that most of the important company decisions at middle to higher levels, take place, either after-hours in exclusive clubs or over a game of Golf. Thus being a woman, if you are aiming to climb the corporate ladder –Golfing is not just a game it is a way to empowerment.

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