A Little Writer Inspires

It is one thing to take the stage as a student at a School function, but to take it to entertain and inspire the audience at an International Literary Fest among writers of repute is something that deserves a standing ovation. Eleven year old Sixth grader Singye Namgyel, did just that on the last day of USHA presents Mountain Echoes 2014.

A reader, writer and Blogger Singye has been writing for quite a while (though never officially published.) He blogs on a range of topics from Television Shows, Books, Movie Reviews to his Random thoughts. Modest and honest he confesses that he forced his family to read his written works as a child, which to the delight of his parents turned out a zillion times better than their imaginations could comprehend, and thus the Eleven year old started blogging. Sadly some Internet Geeky Troll hacked the kid’s Blog and shut it down. But now he is back again, one of his latest Movie reviews reads thus ” Nowadays Frozen is the new Cinderella. Every kid cannot shut up about it -‘How awesome it is.’  But for me personally I couldn’t give two jacks about it!’. Frank and unafraid to speak his mind Singye rambles on in his blog about things – things we’ll be a little too cautious to speak up about as grown-ups, lest we are judged for them.

But the question remains “How did a 11 year old child make it to the Usha presents Mountain Echoes stage?” Apparently the Prime Minister of Bhutan asked a few students across grades and schools, to write an essay on Mountain Echoes. Most wrote about echoes one heard on mountain tops! Like his friends Singye was on the same ride, till he took the chance to ask the question “What if Mountain Echoes, is something different?” And soon with a little help from his parents he was on the right track. Churning out a piece of literature that was read by none other than the Prime Minister of Bhutan himself during the Opening Ceremony of USHA presents Mountain Echoes.

If this little story tells us something, it is that we must think beyond the expected and the mundane, towards impossible possibilities, no matter how much ever improbable they may sound at first. And once the improbable becomes a certainty, never be afraid to plunge into it. At first it may sound risky, but to win you need to give it all: ‘Risk Everything’, as one of the many recent FIFA World Cup ad taglines proved beyond doubt. So, no matter what: Take the ride, it is worth it. The last thoughts were also put to words by the famous Gonzo journalist Hunter S Thompson, best known for his book Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Words which have recently gone viral on the internet in form of the following comic strip:

Hunter S Thompson

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