Ancestral Whispers: Shivani

Before the advent of iPads and YouTube and even before Cable Television Soap Operas and personal Black and White Television sets; somewhere between the revival of Hindi literature during the Raj and the beginning of confounding Hinglish, at a time when the written word was more than anticipated and stories traveled through Newspapers, Magazines and Books there existed a legend called Gaura Pant. Better known as the legendary Hindi writer Shivani.

The late Padma Shri awardee left behind a trail of stories, a few of which are considered among the best works in Hindi literature. Faithfully translated to English by her daughter Ira Pande Shivani’s books and biography open up a new yet nostalgic world. A world with very Indian sensibilities, rooted in culture and yet dealing with relevant contemporary themes.

Ira Pande in conversation with Kunzang Choden speaks about her biography on Shivani, Pande’s translations of her mother’s works, and anecdotes from a distant childhood, at Usha presents Mountain Echoes 2014. To re-live a golden era of Hindi literature watch the video below.

1 thought on “Ancestral Whispers: Shivani

  1. me and my mother loved reading her books, however my daughter is all Harry Potter…wish we could cultivate hindi among our children or have more and more translations as the next best thing


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