Speaking of Hanuman – The Monkey God

Lord HanumanThe Scriptures say that among all the Gods in the Hindu pantheon only Lord Hanuman is still alive in flesh and blood in the whole wide world, walking its meandering paths in His various avatars. The Monkey God is also known for acknowledging the immense devotion shown by His followers, perhaps being a devotee Himself of Lord Ram, He understands the piety of disciples a little better than most Gods. We came across a few classic examples of such dedicated reverence, at Usha presents Mountain Echoes 2014 during the ‘Speaking of Hanuman’ session with Arshia Sattar and Dasho Karma Ura in conversation with Namita Gokhale.

Arshia Sattar who is a Muslim by birth was fascinated by the Monkey God as a child (and still is), a devotion that grew into worship and passion leading her to write a Thesis on Hanuman for her PHD at an US University. Her mother reasons that during her childhood Arshia was once bitten by a monkey and hence this obsession.

During the session Sattar relates various anecdotes about her Lord – how she found a Hanuman Chalisa out of nowhere in the middle of America or the time when a huge monkey walked right into her house and sat by her completed Thesis almost meaning to say  ‘Great work, now go and submit my story!’.

As the conversation progresses we get a glimpse of the many forms of the Monkey God, how through various avatars and names the Lord appears in myriads of mythologies, religious pantheons and legends across art, culture and religion. To sit through the entire discussion is like re-discovering Hanuman again in a new light. Go ahead and pay homage to the Lord by watching the video below.

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