The Poetic Imagination

In an eloquent session at the Usha presents Mountain Echoes 2014, Ashok Vajpeyi and Manju Wakhley in conversation with Neeta Gupta explore the world of poetry. A world that is beautiful beyond any measure.

A Poet according to Vajpeyi is one who imagines reality thereby bridging the gap between the fantastical and the real. After all every aspect of our lives has an element of imagination attached to it. He further adds that Poetry has a running battle with history, acknowledging the moments that history neglects to record in absence of facts and figures.

Thus the role of the poet is not only to give voice to the mute and marginalized but also to the inanimate – the mountains and streams , rivers and rock, and such objects that lack voices. During the session Vajpeyi recites a beautiful Hindi poem titled ‘The Prayer of the Bird’ where words in flights of fantasy exquisitely come together to reveal a truth that can only be found in poetry.

To continue exploring the different shades of poetry watch the video below:

3 thoughts on “The Poetic Imagination

    • The Translation roughly reads:
      Bird’s prayers: I have no God, no temple, nor am I eternal
      I know I am ephemeral,
      So I do not understand the need for stretching myself for long.
      I do not expect from anyone else,
      I just want myself to fly forever in the skies,
      where I can sit besides the sky.


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