Inspired by Vroooom!

Quite a few products have been inspired by things that go vrooom or to use the more common terminology – Automobiles. Even our cities with their roads and highways are built around them. Of these many inspirations three products that stands out due to their immaculate replication are the wrist watch, furniture and fans!

Pairing watches with engineering marvels go a long way back – the very first wrist watch the Cartier Santos was created for a Millionaire Aviator friend of Cartier so that the Brazilian tycoon could keep track of time while flying (but that’s another story),it was followed by the Cartier Tank, which in turn was inspired by what else but Battle Tanks! Besides being associated with the world of F1 racing and other automobile sports (Tag Heuer, Breitling, IWC, etc) watches have mostly taken inspiration from auto engines (Parmigiani and Bentley, Hublot and Ferrari) designs (Porsche Design, Tudor and Ferrari) and even the Race Track (Chopard)!

Hublot And Ferrari

Hublot And Ferrari

Similarly cars have also inspired a range of furniture and interior decor collections. Brands like Lamborghini, Mercedes and Bentley have their own range of furniture inspired by both the interiors and exteriors of their respective cars. The furniture range that stands out among these auto brands is Aston Martin. One look at the featured tables, chairs and lounges and you will know why, as it replicates the Aston Martin’s front shark grill look flawlessly.

Aston Martin Furniture

Aston Martin Furniture

Another brand that has brought the car into the Living Room happens to be Usha, with their E-Series range of ceiling fans, inspired from the auto world. Both the concept of the E-Series along with its painting process are a technological revolution. Unlike the high-end luxury watches and furniture which sport a huge price tag, with the E-Series Usha brings affordable luxury to every home. The automotive inspired finishes for all colours of EX1 and EX3 fans, with their silky smooth finish sparkled by pure aluminum glitters that make these fans eye catching, is nothing short of craftsmanship at its best.

Usha E-Series

Usha E-Series

Inspired by fuel efficient fast cars the flying machine is equipped to consume low electricity with maximum acceleration – racing from 0 to 330 RPM in a matter of seconds. Whereas its in-built precision gear ensures maximum air coverage with a 235 CMM. Add to that the model’s sleek aerodynamics featuring a 1200 mm wing span to whip up a storm! To know more about the E-Series Click Here

7 thoughts on “Inspired by Vroooom!

    • Hi, Thanks for your interest. Unfortunately we do not sell these fans in Bangladesh. However we are planning to do so soon, Will keep you informed.


  1. Nice fan, what about the power consumption of this fan ? & how can i collect this fan from Bangladesh. do you have any 30-45 Watt Ceiling fan 56 inch. please update it.


    • Dear Nirob,

      E Series (EX1) Power Consumption is below for reference
       At 900 Sweep Size: Power consumption is 65W.
       At 1200 Sweep Size: Power consumption is 75W.
       At 1300 Sweep Size: Power consumption is 80W.

      Currently we are not selling E-series in Bangladesh, however you can contact Mr Hiten with the Phone no – 09903965477 who is our Regional Head for East region and he will assist you in buying the Fan from India – from a place which is most nearest to Bangladesh


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