A Change of Air

The Victorians were known for their travels, an endeavor to seek out the world which ultimately resulted with the sun never setting over the British Empire. However, there was another kind of travel recommend by doctors and physicians that involved visiting a sea side resort for a change of air. A prescription so religiously followed that soon the beaches of Bournemouth, Brighton and Blackpool turned into resorts catering to ill-health, perhaps the very first kind of Medical Tourism. However not the Victorians but the Romans need to be credited with the idea that physical and mental ailments can be blown away by a change in breeze and scenery. The reason why we don’t hear much about it in the Roman Chronicles is because people were a little reluctant to stay away from the Capital, where plots and power could change overnight.


The British in their later endeavors to replicate the English Breeze (change of air)  in colonies namely India, went about building hill stations across the Himalayas from Shimla to Darjeeling. These hill stations in all their majestic glory still cater to Indians for a change of air and mood. However today we have become a little like the Romans, given our work schedules we cannot afford to rush off to the hills every time we feel the need for a fresh breeze.

Living congested in our metropolitan cities, entangled in our busy schedules and without any relief from the scorching sun, we have settled for air conditioners and air coolers. However, the former -air conditioners – only ends up making things cold and damp, if a change of air is what you are looking for than the air conditioner is an illusion. Whereas the latter – air coolers – besides being healthy can replicate the sought after ‘change of air’ pretty efficiently. Technologically advanced coolers that use evaporative mechanism to cool air naturally lets out air similar to a breeze flowing across a lake. The breeze lowers the temperature and has a relaxing cooling effect on people. These coolers will turn you into the ideal armchair traveler even while you go about your daily chores.

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