The Dreamer and The Dream

“How can we know the dancer from the dance?” – W.B Yeats, Among School Children

We all have at some point in time tried to find the meaning of our dreams. People right from the ancient Greeks to modern masters like Freud and Jung have all tried their hands and mind at interpreting our relationship with the dream world. However, these Interpretations are at times a little too complicated, either requiring you to be a Psychology Major or a Cultural Connoisseur.

The following session by Rashna Imhasly Gandhy titled ‘The Dreamer and the Dream’ was presented at the Bhutan Literary Festival 2014 – Usha presents Mountain Echoes. In it Gandhy a professional Dream Analyst teaches you how to interpret your dreams correctly with ease. Beginning with fairy tales and symbols she takes a road less traveled by to offer valuable insights into the infinite world of dreams and how they project and communicate various subjects from predictions to self-analysis.

She discusses the role of the sub-conscious, the divine within us and gives us tips on very many aspects of the dream process – like how to let our egos go in order to objectively view our dreams. The discussion is peppered with lively anecdotes to make us familiar with the art of analyzing our dreams. Descending into dreamscapes is often a strange experience where appearances can be deceptive, like an elder woman who dreamt about her daughter in distress. She was actually dreaming about her younger self and not her daughter, as she presumed – the dream was a call back to her childhood values.

The session becomes even more interesting when Dream Analyst Gandhy taking questions from the audience begins interpreting their dreams! Showing us how each dream differs from the other and how to read the right signs and thereby reach out to our sub-conscious.

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