A Love Letter To Antarctica


Did you know that it is harder to evacuate someone from Antarctica than it is from the International Space Station!

As children some of us dreamed of travelling to lesser known parts of the world which held the promise of discovery. Gavin Francis who is a doctor by profession acting on one such childhood fantasy set off to Antarctica. As a doctor at the British Research Station he spent 14 months in a landscape dominated by ice, silence and Emperor Penguins.

He recounts his adventures in the book Empire Antarctica, which won him the Scottish Book Award. Obsessed by a traveller’s restless curiosity he explores the breathtaking sights of the icy continent from light phenomenons reminiscent of Odin’s Court to the life cycle of the majestic Emperor Penguins.

To explore the silent continent with the Scotsman watch the video below filmed at Usha presents Mountain Echoes 2014 – the Bhutan Literary Festival.

1 thought on “A Love Letter To Antarctica

  1. Life on Mars….oops Antarctica…
    But his friend is nowhere to be seen
    Now he walks through his icy dream
    To the seat with the clearest view
    And she’s hooked to the silver land


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