UFO Ultimate Genesis

aliens copyFlutterguts, Kan Jam, Hot Box, Schtick, what do you think these names refer to? No they are not the names of Rock Bands but refer to various styles of playing Flying Discs. No longer a minority sport, the game today is popular worldwide, with more and more teams and nations joining the League of the Flying Disc. “It is no longer an alien game,” as said by a former Flying Discs player Komal Mehra. But ever wondered how did it all begin?

The origin of the game dates back to 1870’s and like most things 70 it begins with the young and restless. The story goes that a Baker by the name of William Russell Frisbie used to sell delicious pies to students around the various colleges in Connecticut. Perhaps bored out of their mind or in search of new adventures students began to toss and catch the empty pie tins; shouting the Baker’s name ‘Frisbie’ to alert the catcher. And soon colleges around Connecticut and then America had all sorts of Unidentified Flying Objects zooming across the university grounds. Frisbie had come to stay.

A few decades later in the year of the Lord 1948 a man called Walter Frederick Morrison articulated a grave concern “It (flying pie discs) worked fine as long as the sun was up, but then the thing got brittle, and if you didn’t catch it, it would break into a million pieces!” The thought eventually led him to manufacture the first plastic Flying Discs under the brand name Frisbee. He followed it with a modified version called the Pluto Platter in 1951, which became the prototype for all flying discs to come.

dog-with-frisbeeAs more and more people took to these Flying Discs, the number of styles and types of game increased. Finally, Ultimate Frisbee came into being in 1967, invented by a few high school students in Maplewood, New Jersey. It is the most recognized form of the sport and is a cross between football, soccer and basketball. The Usha Bangalore Ultimate Open 2014 as its name denotes has taken up this Ultimate version to popularize the game in India.

Another curious chapter in the history of the Flying Disc occurred in 1968, when the US Navy spent $400,000 to study the movements of these discs in wind tunnels. Following and recording their flights patterns with computers and cameras. We don’t know what they actually learnt from the exercise, but we are curious to find out.

As of now 24 teams from across India are gathering in Bangalore this weekend 27th-29th June, to test their mettle in a bid to be the best in the nation. Usha Bangalore Ultimate Open will be one of the largest Ultimate Frisbee Championships in India and you can follow all the updates on our Facebook page.

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