Dark Night of Crime

In the Dark Night of Crime, crime reporter turned writer Somnath Batabyal along with fellow cult author Kjell Ola Dahl and debutant Christopher C. Doyle invites you to a dark, devilish and macabre session. They promise you nasty stuff – things that have nothing nice about them. As the session progresses you get more than you bargained for just like the down-on-luck private detective from the golden age of crime noir.

The first shock comes when all three authors claim that crime writing is just an excuse to tell larger stories; where the criminal act is a plot device that moves the story enabling the authors to explore and investigate humanity in all its shades.

KO Dahl talking about The Fourth Man tells us that the novel is an exploration of society. He laments how crime fiction that once was social commentary during the 70’s is simply about violence today. Similarly Somnath’s debutante novel The Price you Pay uses a kidnapping to tell various stories that make up a city. Whereas Doyle interprets Indian mythology through science in his book The Mahabharata Secret.

And what is it about femme fatales that make them so irresistible both to us as readers and to authors as creators? Find out in the video below:

The above session took place during the 2014 Bhutan Literary Festival: Usha presents Mountain Echoes.


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