For the Love of Cricket


Every time an interesting Cricket match takes place the entire country suffers from a momentary lapse of reason. Traffic, work and life come to a standstill – a feature that has become pretty regular ever since Twenty20 was introduced. (We are not complaining)

Most Indians know their Cricket better than their work and family! (That is not an exaggeration) Yes, they know their teams, batsmen, bowlers and fielders, where they live, what they eat and a lot more than necessary. But how well do fans know Cricket as a game? Come find out if you happen to be a fan, if not find out anyway, we promise to be interesting.

  • ImageThe longest Cricket match in history was played between England and South Africa in 1939. It lasted for 14 days and ended in a tie as Team England had to catch a ship back home!
  • It is legal to suspend a Cricket match if an animal enters the field. A few animals who have disrupted Cricket matches in the past are a Pig (Worchestershire v Derbyshire 1889), a Sparrow (MCC v Cambridge University, 1936) and Bees (Oxford University v Worchestershire, 1962)
  • In a match between Barbados and British Guyana in 1946 there occurred an over with 14 balls, not counting Wides or No Balls’. Apparently the Umpire miscounted the number of deliveries!
  • Cricket was the forerunner of the game Rounders, which developed into Townball and eventually into New York Baseball.
  • Over the years between all the Boards and formats from Test to Twenty20 the only Cricket rule that has not changed is the length of the pitch.(Even the number of stumps has changed, with the game originally being played with just two stumps till 1775)

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