5 Summer Must Haves

Indian Monsoons are legendary, doesn’t matter where you look: the streets, hills, Vedic literature or popular culture. However in between winter and the rains stands the monolithic summers. In recent years, (all thanks to global warming) it has taken on an even more horrific proportion. Hence, here we present you with 5 summer must haves. Don’t be fooled by the title – we are not going to talk of clothes or accessories which fashion magazines try to push down your throat with glitz and glamour. Instead for once take the title literally; these are the real 5 must have foods to beat the heat.

  1. Curd: Come summer or winter Indian cuisines across the country’s multiple cultures would be incomplete without this daily dairy favourite.  Having a lot of it really helps to beat the heat. Doesn’t matter how you are consuming it from North Indian Raitas to South Indian Curd Rice.
  2. Watermelon: A favourite of fruit lovers, the Watermelon is nature’s way of saying “Sorry about the heat, but you could have some melon and stop cursing me!” With 91% water by weight and another 100% by taste, watermelons really help to keep ones cool.
  3. Mango: There are two ways of having the king of fruits – ripe and unripe.  The former taste amazing and does you good, but it is the latter that will help you beat the heat and yes they taste great too. The easiest and tastiest way to consume unripe mangoes is through Aam Panna (juice).
  4. Coconut water: Don’t fear the adage “You are what you eat” Coconuts won’t make you go all nuts. Instead Coconut water helps you not only to fight the heat but also by having a high concentration of vitamins and minerals helps your metabolism.
  5. Kokum: Just as you will find Koala Bears only down under, you will find Kokum only in India. A native fruit that tastes like tamarind, Kokum juice prevents dehydration, loss of nutrients and improves your appetite.


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