The Mountains Are Calling

A trip to the mountains is sheer joy add to it a Literary Fest – Usha Presents Mountain Echoes 2014, in the picturesque town of Thimphu and it becomes jubilant Catharsis! Where else will you find a balanced mix of peace, religion, words, thoughts and beauty?

For those of you, to whom ‘Catharsis’ sounds Greek, it is! The Greek Geeks defined it as “the purification and purgation of emotions—especially pity and fear—through art” (yes, that quote is from Wikipedia).

In the mountain kingdom of Bhutan, Catharsis happens on a daily basis. The people of Bhutan through their arts have cultivated a culture that tends to give rise to a peaceful jubilant joy every time you visit a Monastery or the time when Ani Kinley or Dolma C. Roder’s words get through your thick busy skulls. By the way both of them will be speaking at the fest. Add to that a host of Bhutanese luminaries from HM Ashi Dorji Wangmo Wangchuck, Dr. Froncoise Pommaret, Dr. Karma Phuntsho to our very own Namita Gokhale, Alka Pande, Sonia Khurana, and we just can’t wait.

Apart from the literary sessions on detective fiction/thrillers and democracy, film screenings and workshops, open mic and concerts, exhibitions and culinary demonstrations await; each day beginning with traditional and spiritual performances by Bhutanese musicians like Lhamo Dukpa, Ugyen Pandey and Sonam Dorji (google them, or better still check them out on You Tube).


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