62 Reasons to Attend Mountain Echoes


  1. Listen to Her Majesty Queen Mother Ashi Dorji Wangmo Wangchuck speak about the values of compassion in daily life.
  2. Share a Winter Evening with Navtej Sarna as he relates poignant tales about the human spirit.
  3. Find out where those Pricy Thakur Girls are headed next, from Anuja Chauhan
  4. Learn about the Bhutanese home and its architecture from Dolma C. Roder
  5. Take a step closer towards Buddhism with Ani Kinley
  6. Dorji Gyeltshen helps you explore the heritage of the mountain kingdom
  7. Understand  the Pema Lingpa tradition from Dr. Karma Phuntsho
  8. Meet detectives Frølich and Inspector Gunnarstranda. Courtesy Kjell Ola Dahl
  9. Time travel with Christopher C. Doyle to the days of Mahabharata
  10. Learn to write a murder mystery from Somnath Batabyal
  11. Follow Advatia Kala as she traces the Kahani behind every Kahani
  12.  Look at the world with a pair of travelling eyes with Namita Gokhale
  13. Receive Crazy Wisdom from Sonam Jatso
  14. Explore Realms of Happiness with Dasho Kinley Dorji
  15. Hear what Karma Choden has to say about the Divine Thunderbolt
  16. Share political experiences with Lily Wangchuk
  17.  Pavan K. Varma sheds new light on the Indian Middle Class
  18. Converse with Dago Tshering  about the will of the People
  19. Mihir Sharma gives you an insider’s view into  democracy’s backstage
  20. Attend a book launch: The Emerging Feminine – Discovering the Goddess Within by Rashna Imhasly Gandhy
  21. Laugh seriously with Robert Yeo
  22. Ruminate as Siok Sian Dorji brings to life tales from Bhutan
  23. Go behind the scenes of The Attachment by Florence Noiville
  24. Is French Literature gaining ground in the Subcontinent? Judith Oriol answers
  25. Start caring for the forests and wildlife with Sonam Wangchuk
  26.  Lyonpo Paljor Dorji  tells you the truth about Human wildlife conflicts
  27.  Learn the secret behind hundred years of Golden Rule from Damchu Lhendup
  28. Let Dasho Sangay Wangchug guide you through a pilgrimage
  29. Explore Bhutanese folk literature with Lopen Lungtaen Gyatso
  30. Get introduced to Silence, Snow and Penguins, all thanks to Gavin Francis
  31. Namgay Zam tells you all about Digital Bhutan
  32. Explore invisible cities with Malvika Singh
  33. Listen to ancestral whispers as related by Ira Pande
  34. Meet Kunzang Choden, the first Bhutanese female author to write in English
  35. Discuss the role of civil society and media with Umesh Anand
  36. Answer Kesang Chuki Dorjee’s leadership call to women
  37. Find Gandhi with Bernard Imhasly
  38. Find out your role in Civil Society with Siddharth Shriram
  39. Trail Wild Spirits with Sangay Wangchuk
  40. Explore Animism in Himalayas with Rebecca Pradhan
  41. Hike a road-trip with Manju Wakhley through the spirit world
  42. Get curious with Marie Venø Thesbjerg
  43. Go Blogging with Passang Passu Tshering
  44. Discover incredible Bhutan with Dr. Francoise Pommaret
  45. Take an aesthetic journey with artist Yoko Ishigami
  46. Interpret culture with Ashok Vajpeyi
  47. Pay homage to the epics and Gods with Arshia Sattar
  48. Learn the ABC of art from Alka Pande
  49. Discover new mediums through Sonia Khurana
  50. Pramod Kumar KG tells you a thing or a two about art
  51. Karma Tenzin ‘Yongba’ gives you a peek into real crime scenes
  52. Try your hand at being a master chef with Kunal Kapur
  53. Go all starry eyed and nostalgic with Waheeda Rehman
  54. Sathya Saran takes you across scenes from a memory
  55. Sujeev Shakya teaches you how Buddha can be your life coach.
  56. Listen to soothing music by Lhamo Dukpa, Ugyen Panday and Sonam Dorji
  57. Watch awesome movies like: The Red Door and No Problem! Six months with the Barefoot Grandmamas
  58. Discover the rich heritage of Bhutan through various exhibitions
  59. Appreciate the works of Sadon Lhamo
  60. Shake a leg with the Baby Boomers, Poisoned Apple, Zhaw and The Ngorigaps, Daydream Farmers and Langas
  61. Participate in Open Mic at Mojo Park.
  62. Find Happiness with Jemal Smith

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