Room Heating Series: All You Need to Know About Fan Heaters


In the previous post, we told you all that you should know about Oil Filled Radiators or OFRs. Today, we’ll cover fan heaters that enjoy a lion’s share in the room heating solutions business across the cooler regions of our country.

What is a Fan Heater?

A heater that uses a fan to blow air over a source of heating, such as a heating element, is known as a fan heater. These electric heaters generally come as portable, plug-in models and are fairly silent to use.

What Does a Fan Heater Look Like?

Fan heaters come in varying shapes, sizes, capacities and colors. Since these heaters are specifically designed to blow hot air, the fan is the most important component in their design. This fan is encased in a metallic, plastic or ceramic case (the heater body). Other components of a fan heater include:

  • Heating element
  • Thermostat
  • Fan blades
  • Thermal fuse
  • Wattage selector switch
  • Tip over switch
  • Air outlet; and
  • Power cord

In terms of variety there’s a plethora of options to choose from to suit your bespoke home heating and aesthetic requirements.

How Does a Fan Heater Work?

Typically a fan heater unit has a ceramic heating element such as ceramic plates or aluminium baffles. These get heated up when electricity passes through them. The fan then blows hot air over the source of heat. In this process, the air gets heated up and upon leaving the heater, warms up the surroundings.

Most fan heaters operate on either of the two heating technologies – tungsten or PTC.

Are Fan Heaters Efficient?

If you’re looking for a quick blast of warmth in a small-to-medium sized enclosed room for a short period of time (2-3 hours in one go), then a fan heater would give you the maximum bang for your buck.

Fan heaters have a simple design and construction, which makes them slightly more affordable as compared to other sophisticated room heating solutions for spot heating.

Also, since the heating element heats up quickly without requiring too much electricity, fan heaters make for an efficient as well as cost effective solution for spot heating in the longer run.

Are Fan Heaters Safe to Use?

Fan heaters are quite safe to use. Most models come with overheat protection and tip-over safety switches that keep mishaps and electrical accidents at bay.  A standard model also has cool touch body, which prevents accidental scalding and injury. However, one should always check and enquire about these safety features before purchasing a unit for personal use.

Most fan heaters are known to cause dryness in the room when operated excessively over longer durations. Truth is, winter air is naturally drier. Therefore, before operating a fan heater, it is advisable to monitor the humidity levels in your room and ensure that it is at least at 40-50%.

Top tip: In case of lesser humidity level, just keep a large bowl of water in the room when the heater is on to maintain the moisture level and avoid extreme dryness; even better – place a humidifier too for maximum comfort.


Fan heating is really a great way to spot heat a room without taxing your pocket or the environment. Use one as a personal heater or to heat one room at a time. Install at home or at the workplace and move it easily from one enclosed space to another.

USHA fan heaters are true design marvels that come in an efficient and stylish range. They ensure effective and fast heating, while reducing your electricity bill. They also maintain the peace and quiet with even, multi-directional heating across the room.

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Room Heating Series: All You Need to Know About Oil Filled Radiators

Winter is coming! Now is the perfect time to dry-clean all the comforters and blankets, dust up the room heaters and prepare for the approaching season change. Needless to say, room heating is an important aspect that requires attention as soon as the mercury begins to drop. While markets are flooded with choices, it is imperative to buy the right heating device based on your bespoke needs to stay warm and comfortable all through the season. We bring you a series of articles to introduce you to all kinds of room heaters. These will help you choose the right one for your home or office space and get the maximum bang for your money.

Let’s begin the series with sleek, stylish and high-performance oil filled radiators (OFRs).

What is an Oil Filled Radiator?

An oil filled radiator, more commonly known by its abbreviated name OFR, is a convection heater used for heating up small indoor spaces. This room heater is filed with oil, which is electrically heated. OFRs do not involve burning oil. They only use oil as a heat reservoir.

OFRs are also known as oil heaters, oil-filled heaters and column heaters.

What Do OFRs Look Like?

Oil filled radiators comprise a number of thin metal columns, known as fins. The front panels of OFRs have the power (On/Off), knob to set heating positions and other thermostatic controls. The heating element is located at the base of the heater. Usually the devices rest on castor wheels, which make them easy to move from one place to another. There is a power cord as well as the facility to wind it up and store it out of the way.

How Does an OFR Work?

The thin metal fins of an OFR have cavities that are filled with silicone oil. The heating element heats up this oil, which in turn stays hot for a long time. This oil flows around the metal column cavities, transferring the heat to the walls of the fins through convection and then to the surrounding areas of the room through convection and radiation.

Do note that this heated oil has very high boiling point (so it stays in liquid state) and high specific heat capacity (so it can store a large amount of thermal energy in a relatively smaller volume)!

Are OFRs Efficient?

OFRs are best-suited for bedrooms and small-to-medium sized enclosed spaces. They come with thermostats that prevent inefficient heating. This means, if your room is already warm, you can choose how much warmer you would like it to get. So the heating would be more efficient and customized to your needs. This feature also makes oil filled radiators more economical to run as compared to other kinds of room heaters.

The power consumption of oil heaters typically falls between 2000 – 2500 Watts. Their power rating is directly proportional to the number of columns (fins) and their length. The wattage determines their operating cost; more wattage equals lesser cost while a lower wattage involves higher cost. Therefore, a 1000 Watts heater will take half the time to reach a desired thermostat setting as compared to a 500 Watts heater.

Some oil heaters come with a fan. This increases the air flow over the heater. As more and more colder air from the room comes into contact with the heater, there is a significant improvement in the rate of heat flow from the heater into the room. This rate of heat flow is even higher when the temperature difference between room air and heater is more.

Are OFRs Safe to Use?

Oil filled radiators are relatively safe to use, especially when compared to fan heaters. They also come equipped with a host of safety features that offer additional peace of mind. For instance, there is overheat protection as well as tip-over switch that cuts off the power when the appliance is tilted or knocked over. Both of these features eliminate the risk of fire or other electrical mishaps.

Do remember that OFRs should not be kept in damp areas such as laundry rooms or bathrooms. The moisture and humidity present in these areas may damage the heating element or reduce its efficiency.

Also, you should never attempt to dry clothes on an OFR or keep flammable materials such as clothing, bedding or plastic toys near the devices they can easily catch fire.


OFRs may be slightly expensive when compared to other kinds of room heaters, but they are matchless in terms of aesthetics, performance and longevity. This makes them a popular choice in modern homes looking for sleek and stylish room heating solutions.

Looking to buy an oil-filled radiator? Usha’s OFRs with a choice of 9, 11 and 13 fins, are the new benchmark in heating efficiency. They use world-class oil grade and ensure faster heating while retaining the humidity levels in a room for a natural and healthy environment around you and your loved ones.

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Water Coolers at the Workplace Keep Employees Hydrated, Healthy & Happy!

3 Digital BAnner

Water is the most essential nutrient for our body and is crucial to our survival. Drinking an adequate amount of water to keep the body hydrated is the first essential step towards enjoying good health.

Why Is Hydration Important?

Good hydration allows our body to perform at an optimal level, control its temperature and process every biological, chemical and mechanical process taking place within it. Hydration facilitates the following functions in our body:

  • Carry Oxygen: Water helps to deliver oxygen all over the body
  • Boost the Brain: Since almost 77 – 85% of our brain consists of water, better hydration improves mental acuity. It also helps our brain to create hormones and neurotransmitters
  • Metabolize Fat: Adequate intake of water makes our kidneys and liver work efficiently and optimizes excess fat metabolism
  • Improve Digestion: Water breaks the food components down and helps to boost the digestive process and nutrient absorption in the body.
  • Enable Better Detox: Water helps to flush out toxins and waste material from our body.
  • Keep the Bones and Joints Happy: Water lubricates our joints and minimizes pain and wear and tear caused due to friction.
  • Regulate the Body Temperature: Hydrations controls spikes and drops in body temperature and affects respiration and sweating.
  • Make Cells Grow: Water allows the body’s cells to grow, reproduce and live
  • Lessen the Impact of Injuries: Water acts as a shock absorber for the brain and spinal cord and lessens the impact of injuries
  • Keep your Skin Soft and Supple: Water prevents dryness and the onset of wrinkles. Well hydrated skin looks smooth, healthy, glowing and young!

If the body is a machine, any deficiency or loss of water can cause a malfunction or downtime.

Another important fact to note is that while a large percentage of our body is comprised of H2O, we also losing this essential nutrient constantly and in multiple ways – while or without doing any laborious work – and mostly without being aware of it.

Therefore, replenishing that lost water is crucial to our overall well-being!

Importance of Proper Hydration at the Workplace

Staying hydrated at work might seem like a challenge for most of us. Besides, even if our daily job keeps us behind a workstation all day, it’s so much easier to grab a quick cup of coffee or a can of soda and skip a glass of water, isn’t it? Well, that’s where the problem lies! By the time we manage to chug a sip or two of water, we are already dehydrated and that’s what makes us feel tired and sluggish.

Did you know that dehydration is one of the main reasons why we have an unpleasant day at work? Not drinking enough water can trigger immediate problems such as headaches, joint and body ache, fatigue, lack of concentration and short term memory loss, as well as feelings of nausea – in short, the ultimate #buzzkill formula that leaves us with an irritable mood and a bad day at work. Bad mood equals less productivity as well as unnecessary altercation with colleagues.

Can Office Water Coolers Solve the Problem?

Yes! The office water cooler might have a bad reputation for being a place where employees kill time, however, in actuality it can do just the opposite! Statistics show that offices with a water cooler actually get more work done as compared to those without one!

When employees are properly hydrated, they feel good, think quick and work well.

Plus, they are less likely to guzzle down calorie-laden sugary drinks if they have easy access to fresh, clean drinking water at the touch of a button.

Also, it’s cheaper (read mostly free) for us to grab a glass of water than to run down to the cafeteria for a can of soda!

The mother of all benefits – for those of us trying to lose/watch our weight, a water cooler at the workplace would encourage a higher intake of water to keep those mean calories in check.

All-in-all, water coolers promote a culture of staying hydrated and help to constantly replenish the H2O loss by dispensing cool, clean and fresh drinking water. This not only improves our health, mood and workability at the office but also our lifestyle outside of work.

Explore Usha’s wide range of water coolers today to choose one that will keep your employees healthy, hydrated and happy!

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Importance of Having a Water Dispenser at the Workplace

Did you know?

  • Our brains are made up of 75% water
  • We need 7-8 glasses of water ever days to stay healthy and productive
  • A loss of just 1% – 2% of our body’s ideal water content can lead to dehydration
  • We operate at only 65% of our potential when not adequately hydrated

On an average, we spend around 60% of our day at the workplace – sitting in an office room, glaring at bright computer screens for hours, working out complex problems, crunching numbers, brainstorming and discovering the next out-of-the-box idea. All of these core activities and ancillary office tasks require a high level of concentration, reasoning ability, energy and attention. As we spend most of our waking time at the office, it is only fair to expect that our health and well-being be made the top most priority at our place of work. After all, the performance of an organization is directly linked to the health of its biggest asset – its workforce!

This is where the importance of dispensing clean, healthy drinking water at the workplace comes into the picture.

Ever fell into the dreaded afternoon slump? Those torturous moments post lunch when the mere idea of staying awake, let alone active, seems like a far cry; when your body resigns itself into a state of lull while your mind asks you to stay alert; well, it’s not your fault! It is at these moments that you should know that you need a quick drink of water. Even mild dehydration can restrict blood flow to the brain, triggering a series of reactions such as:

  • Reduced attention and mental alertness/ poor concentration
  • Reduced cognitive performance and alertness
  • Poor short term memory
  • Lethargy and tiredness
  • Demotivation
  • Sore eyes
  • Headaches
  • Aching joints

All these symptoms underline an important fact that companies need to pay heed to: if they want their employees to stay physically fit and mentally alert, providing clean drinking water in the workplace is imperative! Chugging a glass or two of water instantly hydrates the body and refreshes the mind, allowing us to perform to the best of our ability!

A Water Dispenser is the New Corporate Watering Hole

 One of the simplest and most cost-effective ways to combat all of the pain points discussed above, vis-a-vis improving your employees’ health and productivity is to install a water dispenser at the workplace. This simple drinking water solution providing fresh and clean water on demand throughout the office hours will encourage your workers to increase their water intake, keep their minds on alert and their bodies ready to tackle every challenge – not to forget bring significant improvements to their overall health in the longer run as well!

The water dispenser area, in most office premises, is also a space where colleagues take a break to chat and lighten up before resuming their work. Thus, the water dispenser is instrumental in making the daily grind less monotonous, boosting camaraderie and inclusiveness within the company and improving its culture!

Companies that offer its employees healthy facilities such as clean drinking water dispensers, and help them maintain a fit and active lifestyle experience a host of noticeable benefits, some of which include:

  • Lower absenteeism rate
  • Increased productivity
  • Improved employee morale
  • Happier mood and attitude/better camaraderie
  • Higher motivation
  • Better turnover
    And more!

Your employees’ health and wellness is absolutely worth the investment. Installing a water dispenser in your office premises can prove to be a great start to ensuring that your staff stays healthy, engaged and productive.

Usha offers a wide range of water dispensers for the workplace that make fresh, clean and healthy drinking water easily accessible to your employees and help them maintain a healthy lifestyle. They also play a crucial role in improving business productivity by creating a healthier, happier work environment.

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How To Choose Water Heater Capacity

Given India’s geographical diversity and the natural change of seasons, the need for warm water is quite intrinsic. A water heater or geyser thus is a common household fixture found across the length and breadth of our country. But how big or small a water heater should you get – now that decision requires some serious thinking through! Let’s take a look at 3 important factors that determine the size of water heater to buy:

  1. Place of Installation

Different locations require different capacities of water heaters. For example, in kitchens, hot water requirement is minimal (perhaps, only to wash utensils). Therefore a small capacity water heater (around 1L – 3L) serves the purpose adequately. If you take a bucket shower, a 10L-15L storage water heater will serve your purpose; for an overhead shower, you should go for a slightly higher water heater capacity of 25L. However, if you love taking long, luxurious dips in a bath tub, a larger capacity of 35L – 50L geyser is what you need.

  1. Kind of Climate

Colder climates have lower ambient temperatures. In such climes, the heating element of a geyser takes longer to heat the water to a desired temperature. A large capacity storage water heater (about 10L – 35L) can heat up and store larger quantities of water and help to maintain a steady supply of the same over a longer duration of time (ideal for rushed mornings!) For places with relatively warmer climate, an1L-3L instant water heater will suffice.

  1. Number of People Using Hot Water

The capacity of a water heater is dependent on family size (obviously!). For larger families with more members requiring hot water within a defined period of time, large capacity water geysers are imperative. Fewer people require lesser hot water for their use and can do with a small size geyser.

The following chart will come handy when you decide to buy a water heater:

No. of Persons Recommended Water Heater Capacity
1 – 2 6 Litres – 10 Litres
3 – 4 15 Litres – 25 Litres
5 – 8 35 Litres – 50 Litres

Looking to buy a water geyser?

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Digitizer Junior: Where The Magic Happens

12650996_1672980302976953_8194313700030895085_nDigitizer Junior is a simple user-friendly software to design embroidery. It is the ideal place to begin your embroidery adventure!

The program automatically converts images of objects to embroidery patterns. It has also built-in fonts to create the texts and monograms. The software can also serve as a converter of embroidery patterns from different formats to .jef suited for USHA Janome Machines.

 Few of Important functions which you can do with Usha Janome Digitizer to enhance your embroidery:
– Converting embroidery formats stored in emd, pes, pec, hus, vip, VP3, PCs, xxx, dst, jmt into embroidery patterns supported by JANOME machines
– 16 built-in fonts to create the texts and monograms to unleash your creativity (full edition of size, angle of depression, letters’ width, etc.) 
– 3D preview which helps in visualising the actual appearance of embroidery displayed on the selected hoop
– Simulation of embroidery on the computer screen 
– Choice of 12 different possible embroidery stitches(satin stitch with the regulation of its density and width, 5 weaving stitches with the regulation of theirs density, stitches length and angle of depression, 5 decorative stitches – also with full adjustment)
– Freedom of choosing the order of embroidery (which color will be embroidered as first, which as second)
– Rotation, resize, mirror reflections and editing of the built-in embroidery patterns
– Program saves the embroidery patterns in format .jef (suited for embroidery on JANOME machines) 
– UNDO/REDO functions
– Fabric choice on which the embroidery pattern will be embroidered (automatic compensation – program adds stitches to the fabric that are stretchy – so that the embroidery pattern is not deformed after embroidery) 
– Possibility of extending program Junior to the full version Digitizer MBX 

USHA International bags National Energy Conservation Award 2015

Usha1Government confers USHA with first prize for manufacturing energy efficient ceiling fans for the second year

USHA International, once again bagged the first prize for its energy efficient fan range at the National Energy Conservation Awards 2015 held in New Delhi on December 14, 2015. With its range of 5 star labeled energy efficient fans, the company was conferred with this prestigious award for its maximum contribution in BEE Star labelled fan category. Mr. Rohit Mathur, President- Fans, USHA International, received the award on behalf of USHA from the Honourable Minister of State (I/C) for Power, Coal and New & Renewable Energy, Shri Piyush Goyal at an award event held at Vigyan Bhawan. The National Energy Conservation Award is an annual award ceremony organized to celebrate National Energy Conservation Day and recognize the contribution of companies from various industries towards energy saving.
It is a moment of pride as our contribution towards National energy saving mission is once again recognized by the Government of India. USHA Fans contribution towards energy saving over the past two years is calculated to be 21.5 million KWH units. The contribution is calculated by the standard formula introduced by Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE), statutory body under the Ministry of Power.

USHA energy efficient fans perform best with low energy input. This range of energy saving ceiling fan was introduced seven (7) years back. USHA fans, like Technix which is one of the lowest power consumption model with 43 watts in the industry, comes with 5 Star BEE rating. Others with 5 Star BEE rating include Vetra Plus, Exxo, Ergo to name a few. USHA fans are tested for air delivery, input power, service value, safety and mechanical strength and other performance metrics.

The National Energy Conservation Awards are instituted by the Government of India, Ministry of Power. The awards recognize innovations and achievements for efficient utilization and conservation of energy in various sectors including industries, buildings, aviation, and municipalities amongst others.

USHA was also identified among the top 100 Most Trusted brands in India in a recent survey conducted by AC Nielsen. The survey highlighted USHA among the top four (4) most trusted consumer durables brands in the country.

Usha Charms Jamia Bazaar


Jamia Bazaar – Recreating a tradition of Craft, Creating an Opportunity for Artists

Usha International participated in Jamia Bazaar 2015 which was organized by Cequin – Centre of Equity and Inclusion on 25th and 26th November 2015 at Agha Khan Hall, New Delhi.

The Usha Stall at Jamia Bazaar

The Usha Stall at Jamia Bazaar

Usha created a sewing machine experiential zone for display and demonstration of Usha Janome range of machines – Memory craft, Computerized and Automatic Zig zag including the new kids sewing machine – My Fab Barbie.

Consumers were engaged on Dream Maker 120 and Memory Craft 9900 through exciting do-it-yourself projects like – bookmarks, mug warmers and embroidery swatches.

Many well-known designers & people associated with art & craft visited the Usha stall.

Many well-known designers & people associated with art & craft visited the Usha stall.

The Memory Craft 9900 Sewing Machine both attracted and amazed a number of patrons, with most of them downloading and creating their own embroidery designs through USB support.

Jyotiraditya Scindia gets curious about sewing

Jyotiraditya Scindia gets curious about sewing

Renowned personalities like Jyotiraditya Scindia, Priya Raje Scindia, Omar Abdullah and Sara Pilot visited our stall and were briefed about Usha Janome range of machines with Wi-Fi connectivity and USB support. Apart from this many well-known designers, HNIs and people associated with art and craft also visited the stall.

Priyadarshini Raje Scindia and her daughter Ananya Raje Scindia worked on MC 9900 while Sara Pilot made bookmarks on Dream Maker 120 for her sons.

Sara Pilot made Bookmarks on the Usha Janome Dream Maker 120

Sara Pilot made Bookmarks on the Usha Janome Dream Maker 120

Usha’s Participation proved to be very successful from Brand awareness and business point of view giving some good potential leads for Usha Janome range of machines.

The Sewing Machines also aroused the interest of Children

The Sewing Machines also aroused the interest of Children

This was the fourth year of Jamia Bazaar organized by Cequin. The initiative aims at promoting and creating awareness about the art and craft skills of the local artisans. Many other NGOs and brands participated in this edition of Jamia Bazaar showcasing the talent and work of local artisans. The stalls showcased products like quilted bed covers, Chanderi Sarees, Pashmina shawls, antique jewellery, handmade accessories, women apparel, home décor items and so on.

Scenes from the Usha Stall at Jamia Bazzar

Scenes from Jamia Bazzar